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Anabel Englund & RYBO team up for ‘Something New’ EP


Joining the Percomaniacs label for the next ‘Something New’ EP is underground dance music darling, Anabel Englund on collaborative work with label-head RYBO.

Following the signature Percomaniacs mantra of “Bongos, not Bangers”, RYBO crafts a percussion-focused, stripped back instrumental for Anabel’s unmistakable vocal stylings allowing her voice to carry the ebbs and flows of the track’s sub-movement and naturally bouncing rhythms.

The release totes 3 stellar remixes from the likes of Berlin’s Joyce Muniz, UK’s Jey Kurmis, and Percomaniacs co-label head Lubelski.

Our premiere comes from Joyce Muniz, who is no stranger deep and melodic grooves; and her remix is no exception. She brings the otherwise radiant original into an almost gloomy light with expressive pads and sharp stabs.

All in all, the release features a bit of flavor for anyone craving ‘Something New’.

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