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AKOV drops a beast of an EP on Korsakov Music


It was only a matter of time… Chomping into Korsakov Music with the 8,000,000 pascal bite force of a North American grizzly, AKOV inserts himself so hard onto the label’s roster he takes up half its name! Coincidence or fate? Seems like the perfect fit, no? Brace yourselves and get ready for ‘Rebirth’: A feisty, three-track ode to mother natures reload.

Some say regeneration, Korsakov says murderation: ‘Rebirth’ sets the scene with turbine girth. Sitting somewhere between neuro, foghorns and a Boeing 777 GE9X engine, it marks the latest chapter in AKOV’s constantly evolving sound. All thrust and gusto, it adds a whole new harmonic light on the gutter sound.

‘Rebirth’ is backed by two equally forthright, explorative designs. With its addictive, angular riff our premiere ‘Altered Carbon’ toys with the primordial DNA of Drum & Bass. A fugly, furious fusion of tech, dancefloor and jump-up, it’s absolute weapons-grade material for any DJs arsenal on all sides of the roller paradigm and it sets us up perfectly for ‘Chub’. A chugging, militant finale, powered by soaring electro-inspired bass textures and all manner of twisted, gnarled edits, this brings all the boars and sows together with fitting fire.

This release sees AKOV again use his signature maximal sound to brave new murky corners of drum & bass music’s darkest nether regions. These are the bare necessities, and AKOV won’t rest at ease until he’s bitten more off 2020 than any of us can chew.

AKOV’s ‘Rebirth’ lands on Korsakov on Friday 3rd April. Check out ‘Altered Carbon below and grab it from here

To go alongside the release AKOV and Korsakov have set up a competition!

For your chance to win, Like & share the video below, then pre-order AKOV’s new EP with the link above.

Send proof of payment to [email protected] with the subject ‘AKOV Competition’

1st Place:

1x AKOV T-Shirt
1x Korsakov T-Shirt
2x Sample packs

2nd Place:

1 x AKOV T-Shirt
2x Guestlist to any AKOV show

3rd Place:

1x AKOV T-Shirt
Korsakov Discography

You can check out the choices at www.akovmusic.com/shop


🔥🔥🔥COMPETITION TIME!🔥🔥🔥Preorder the new EP here:https://www.beatport.com/release/rebirth/2885596For your chance to…

Posted by AKOV on Saturday, March 28, 2020