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AJ Gonis debuts on OPOM with ‘Zoned’ EP


OPOM is excited to release the first major project by musician/producer / DJ AJ Gonis.

AJ is a name soon to be known in the world of electronic music. He has been bubbling on the urban scene for a few years until he found his calling through House music. Born in London town, he is a classically trained musician, budding producer and DJ. Now living in the hills of Hertfordshire he is ready to take the world by storm.

The ‘Zoned’ EP is going to light up the big rooms of clubs and radios alike. Starting with what will be a deep house anthem “Zoned Out” to the commercially smooth “Zoned In” to the floor shaker that is Solitude. This is the first of many releases on OPOM for this music-making machine! It’s certainly safe to say watch this space!

We premiere ‘Zoned Out’ for you today, check it below and grab it on Traxsource.


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