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AFR debuts on SINE Audio with ‘LNDN Sound’ EP


Since the age of 13, the elusive AFR has been honing his craft in the field of electronic music production and keeping any up to this point locked to his own ears. Influenced largely from the 90s rave sounds of techno, house and jungle, as well as non-electronic music genres like punk rock and jazz, the now 19-year old producer has allowed himself to develop his own unique style of crisp, minimal and synth-ridden drum and bass. Now sees AFR drop his first ever release ‘LNDN Sound’ EP on SINE Audio.

The opening track and our premiere ‘HPPD’ is a perfect introduction to the production palette and soundscape of AFR. HPPD stands for ‘Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder’, referring to lingering visual effects from use of psychedelic drugs, and the track lives up to this name with its intense, persevering bassline that continues to attack you throughout its 5 minute duration, and for even longer afterwards. Dare we say it… this one is a proper roller.

Clean production is at the forefront of title track ‘LNDN Sound’, a stripped back minimal excursion that operates through a concoction of simple, yet well thought out elements. A recurring vocal snippet repeats in the build-up before a quick drum fill fires us into a weighty drop with layers of mechanic growling, rhythmic beeps and snappy drums.

This EP often intertwines heavier sounds from the genre with smoother, more melodic sounds, and ‘Redux’ is a perfect example of this. Gentle synths and airy vocal samples in the intro are just a façade to what comes next; a genuinely spine-rattling, reverberating bass hit that is perfect for those surprise moments in the dance. As the track progresses, new synth lines are introduced adding a harmonious edge to the track, and perfectly depict the signature sound AFR has already moulded for himself at the early stages of his career.

‘Lucid Dreams’ is the most soulful of the bunch and shows off AFR’s musicality and broad range of influences. A crunchy drum loop sits comfortably in the mix, fading into the background as the melodic elements take up most of your attention, with smooth rolling subs, floaty pads, and the occasional light vocal standing at the forefront. Moving into the second half, a new mid-range synth line is introduced, progressing the track into a whole new territory and turning the track into something truly special.

As a bonus, Melinki has come through with his tasteful relick of ‘LNDN Sound’. The remix keeps with the minimal, rolling feel of the original yet adds a distinct Melinki edge, filled with chunky bass snarls that seem to have been sampled straight out of hell itself, and surprising switch-ups throughout. Not only do the drums momentarily shift to a bouncier pattern halfway through the first drop, but we are then teased with a quick glimmer of halftime on the second drop, before being led straight back into a heavy stepping groove.

Check out AFR ‘HPPD’ below and please support both artist and label by grabbing yourself a copy of the ‘LNDN Sound’ EP from here