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Data Transmission Radio is a service from Data Transmission.

DJs, Producers, Events Series, Festivals, Club Nights and Record Labels all can be hosts of shows on Data Transmission Radio. We host the show/mix on https://datatransmission.co/ via our radio feed, you will see the feed above on the page, each month we have day artwork on socials, breaking down each Days shows.

We also work with Shows hosts on Collaborative Posts on Instagram to promote the shows.

After the show is aired it gets uploaded to our Data Transmission Radio Soundcloud and also Data Transmission Mixcloud account or we can REPOST your own upload via your Soundcloud/Mixcloud – this will help to build your plays via the same accounts.

Radio Show Hosts also Benefit:

  • When you make your first payment, we will send out our on-boarding information which will provide details on how to submit your show and when and where to send it too
  • We will supply you with some DT idents free of charge
  • When we receive your promo photos we will create artwork to help you promote your show yourself, which is also free of charge
  • We will invite you join our Data Transmission Radio Facebook Group which will give you access to all announcements, interview offers, self-promotion information
  • Free Guide to promoting your show via Social Media
  • Opportunities across Data Transmission’s other channels & Network
  • Shows Hosts can represent Data Transmission on Press Coverage to Festivals & Events
  • Support across Data Transmission Blog


The subscription cost to the Radio Show Host breakdown is as such:

1hr Monthly Show – £25 Per Show (6mths Commitment Required)
2hr Monthly Show – £40 Per Show (6mths Commitment Required)

1hr Weekly Show – £15 Per Show = £65 per month – (6mths commitment required)
2 hr Weekly Show £25 Per Show = £108 per month – (6mths commitment required)

1hr twice a month show £20 = £40 per month (6mths commitment required)
2hr twice per month show £35.00 = £70 per month (6mths commitment required)

1 OFF Show on Data Transmission Radio £200 (1 Show ONLY)

The first FEEs must be paid to us upfront by the HOST before the show starts and can be paid monthly or in blocks.

If you are interested you just sign-up on here – https://bit.ly/dtradioform