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Win a Pair of AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular Headphone System



The AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular Headphone System is an innovative new style of headphone designed to be fully customisable, with a choice of 360 possible combinations of headbands, ear pads, speakers and cables.

The All Round Preset is one of four available preset configurations, featuring a slim, lightweight design and a balanced sound representation, ideal for general purpose listening. The Danish company have currently launched a new Kickstarter Campaign to bring a new upgrade to the TMA-2 to bring the H05, a new smart headband (check it out here). It is the first major upgrade to the TMA-2 Modular – a Bluetooth headband that adds wireless functionality to any configuration of the system.  By integrating the Bluetooth technology into the headband only, AIAIAI enable any configuration of the TMA-2 speaker unit to be wireless, and thereby retain full modularity in the system, but enabling high quality Bluetooth audio transmission.

To celebrate this Kickstarter Campaign we’ve got a pair of the Original TMA-2 headphones for you.


  • S01 Speaker Units: Engineered with a neodymium magnet and lightweight PET diaphragm to deliver a balanced sound suitable for all genres.
  • C01 Cable: Straight 1.2 meter Thermo plastic cable with a one button inline microphone – compatible with most smartphones.
  • E01 Earpads: Direct and open sound representation. Slim silhouette. Good for all-round purposes.
  • H01 Headband: Lightweight Polycarbonate headband with soft durable PU foam head padding.
  • Adjustable cups: You can easily change the position of the cups to make the headphones fit perfectly.
  • Cable Lock: You can choose to lock the cable to the speaker unit, to make sure it doesn’t get pulled out while playing.



WIN a Pair of AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular System

Closing Date: Friday 23rd December


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