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Reviewed: Todd Terry at MOODS


The term ‘Legend’ is often bandied about in the modern day all too freely. In fact, it, and its varying declensions have now taken on a whole new set of meanings – where some refer to people of a certain stature or achievement, while others are merely exclamatory. In this instance I wield it, in no small part, to refer to DJ, Producer, Label-operator, and all-around prolific figure-head, Todd Terry.

Appearing at The Perception Bar, at The W Hotel, London (Leicester Square), for the first MOODS event of 2019, their intimate space was sure to be set aflame with the man ‘Tee’ sliding fire across three decks for a strong start to an exciting year of parties.

Entering the space early doors, as is customary for some, patrons were greeted with some classic and contemporary Pop and R&B to open the event, courtesy of William Belart. From the likes of Justin Timberlake to Rhianna, there were grooves for all to warm the end of the evening with, prior to the night truly kicking off. Curious as to how this would pan out – the last thing I was expecting to hear was “Work-work-work-work-work” – I positioned myself by the standing section of the circular bar, and soaked up what I could of the evolving atmosphere.

There was a humble energy in the room, with most of those in attendance being either couples or small groups. As any seasoned reveler will report, the swankier a venue is, the more uptight and pretentious the crowd will be. However, here there were no indications of such, and rather a general feeling of ‘down-to-earth’ folk populating the different areas. As the music gradually began transitioning to a higher speed, clearly making its way toward more of a House vibe, I took note of the already multicultural crowd expanding further: people of varying genders, nations, and cultures all congregating in anticipation of the possible wonderment to be unleashed courtesy of the man that first put Roland Clark in the preachers’ seat – see 1997’s “Something Goin’ On”. Truly, there was something to be said here for an intimate space with cool lighting and a deeply chilled vibe.

Inevitably, as anyone who knows me or has ever accompanied me at a party will testify, a solid groove cut into a conversation I was having with a young Czechoslovakian lady, and I made my apologies to her as I shocked off toward the booth to celebrate the current song selection, offering a gestured hand at the DJ, who was now Piem. Soulful House was in full swing by now, and the space had really begun to fill, ready for what was to come. After some choice cuts of Claptone, Yuksek, David Penn (and a quality little remix of Roisin Murphy), it was time for the moment we’d been waiting for… the moment I’D been waiting for!

Presence is in some cases attributed to a person’s stance or physical posture. Other times it is the way people in the vicinity react around them. More often than not, especially with someone of some celebrity, it is actually generated by the collective history of those familiar with the work of said celebrity. In this case, it was all of the above! With his trademark backwards-turned baseball cap, the master himself made his way to the mixer, and began his onslaught of joyous, joyous House music. Starting things off with some cheeky shades of his own – including a remix of [one of my personal favourites] Barabaratiri (under the Gypsymen guise), I restrained a joygasm, before inserting my earplugs and placing myself upon the small patch of staging in front of one half of the Funktion One set-up, beside and ahead of the booth itself… this was gonna be serious, and I wanted a front-row experience with plenty of room to shake some ahyass!

Everything from this moment on was – and still is – a blissful blur of classics, real grooves, accapellae, track-juggling, live-mashups (and/or remixes), and me going nuts. Between brief connections with complete strangers off the back of the immense adulation I couldn’t help but express, and the crowd-pleasingly effective set our evening’s high priest was offering up, the night was a undeniable success! What the room lacked in actual dance-floor, the crowd made up for with energy, making full use of what space was available. VIP-groups were up dancing in their seats, the bar staff were moving in time with the beats, and a tight-shirted madman was going full-force booty-shake, soaking up every second!

With a list of coming headliners that include Mark Knight, Illyus & Barrientos, and Solardo, 2019 is set to be quite something. Whether you’ve had enough of the ever-expanding warehouse raves and super-clubs, or just fancy something a little smaller, MOODS @ The Perception Bar, in the W Hotel (London) is where you’ll want to be.


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