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I don’t like starting this article on a sad note, nevertheless I can promise you it will end in a very positive way. The 25th of July was a day of clearance. As the clubbers were getting ready for the opening party of Resistance at Privilege hosted by John Digweed and Sasha as main acts, that same day an important number of people around the island shared Xescu Prats´s article written on Diario de Ibiza, one of the main newspapers on the island. What this article explains is that the summer is not going how everyone was expecting and that the tourists type and behaviour has changed. There are more weekend tourists than weekly ones and the place has turned so expensive that people just can´t afford to stay. “Luxury Ibiza is caviar for today, hard bread for tomorrow” is one of the ways the author shows his concern over the excessive VIP boom on an island that has nothing to do with VIP culture. Even Carl Cox was showing his concern over the VIP phenomenon in an article for The Rolling Stone magazine in 2015. Out of this concern the big Carl Cox, 2 years later took matters in his own hands and if the politics ended up with Space and his party they couldn’t end with his energy and everything that he represents. He is known to be very closely implicated in this Resistance Project that is brought to us by ULTRA.

This is how Resistance was born, out of the need of maintaining the idiosyncrasies of the island. This great event is ready to conquer the island and is going to be taking place every Tuesday until the 12th of September. They picked Privilege for the set up and they plan to convert every encounter in to a festival. What better place to do that than one of the biggest clubs in the world. The UK duo Digweed and Sasha will be hosting this event the first 7 dates leaving the closing party on the hands of Dubfire, Nicole Moudaber, Paco Osuna,and Eats Everything among others.

Resistance opened the doors of Privilege at 10 pm with both the Terrace and the Main Room ready to receive the curious fans. Both rooms hosted great names; the Terrace was the first to open at 10 pm out of the hands of Andy Baxter followed by Julian Jeweil b2b POPOF, after that the b2b between ANNA and B. Traits. From 2:30 am till 4:30 Anja Schneider and Francesca Lombardo offered us a killer b2b leaving Technasia and Nic Curly to close. In the main room besides the resident duo, the night was hosted by Nicole Moudaber b2b Victor Calderone, Eats Everything b2b Cassy and a live act from the hands of the Irish Matador.

There was a bit of doubt around the party and not because the event was not promising, the lineup for the whole season is explosive. It had to do with the situation explained at the start of this article. Not many tourists around and a big club to fill up were concerning factors. Despite any doubt the event was a success. The Function One sound system blasted the tunes of each artist, the production was impeccable. With a very industrial style the decoration was designed to move while the beats were taking over. Curved metal structures were hanged from the ceiling decorated with L.E.Ds. The visuals placed on those structures were predominantly red and black and the abstract images suggest the rebel attitude of the party. The decoration gave everyone the impression that the dance floor was moving or shrinking. The Co2 Party Cannons were very intense and present at almost every big drop. All of this paraphernalia of decoration was perfectly lined up with the hard techno that was played in the Main Room; energy was blasting from every corner of this megaclub.

Despite the doubts and the complex social difficulties Ibiza is going thru, that night I learned that there is a true “resistance” phenomenon, and no matter what happens on the island that could harm its identity there is always some kind of magic that works things out in its favour. The Resistance project is the perfect example that no matter what artificial changes are brought to Ibiza, as they say the river always ends up following on its original course. The dance floor will beat the VIP areas only to bring back the original Ibiza and with parties like Resistance, is impossible to lose the battle.


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