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Carl Cox, one of the fathers of old school techno, at Privilege last Tuesday was, so far, the event of Summer 2017 in Ibiza, with the highest of expectations. We were given the opportunity to arrive early and see the club set up before it was filled up with expectant fans. The Function One sound system that Privilege employs was improved for this event; the DJ booth was on the opposite side where they normally set it up with a very small VIP section behind and more fans were installed to ventilate the heated crowd. This great setting with special attention to detail gave importance to the people that came to see Carl Cox on that very special day.

The Opening was at 8 pm and was hosted by 3 artists, Andy Baxter b2b Ken Fan b2b Jason Bye. After this intense warm up everyone knew the party was getting started. At 23:00 Carl Cox himself came in with a great welcome set in the small room of Privilege, called Coco Loco, making this first encounter of the year very intimate, before moving to the massive main room of Privilege. He acted like a real host making that hour set a success. Welcoming everyone there with his famous “Oh yes! Oh yes!” Carl Cox also slipped a soft joke about the disappearance of Space last year: “No more Space what are you going to do” and kept playing tunes like there was no tomorrow.

At the first moment of his appearance, everyone took their phones out to film him. The DJ booth in Coco Loco room is much closer to the public; the crowd was looking at him with big smiles on their faces as if he was a precious stone. The Five minutes moment where you could perceive that his crowd missed him. It didn’t take much for the people to keep their phones in their pockets and jump with their hands up high in excitement.

The event had many more artists participate all across the huge club that Privilege is. He invited Joseph Capriati, Jon Rundell, Eric Powell, tINI, Archie HamiltonEats Everything and Darren Emerson among others. The actuation of Capriati was impeccable and he had the crowd jumping around 3 a.m. with killer basses.

It’s important to mention the club has big gardens where you can chill, and many paths to take so you can easily move from one room to another without crossing the Main Room. On many of our ways moving from one place to another, we heard people say “It was the best night of their life!” Despite a few difficulties at the bar, Privilege gives you the ultimate clubbing experience with so many possibilities, diverse rooms, big bathrooms and the big green terraces that let you breathe and get ready for more dancing.

The official capacity of Privilege is 10000 people making the club one of the biggest of the world. That night between people coming and going, the club almost reached that golden number according to Charly Moro, head of the promotion team for the party, who helped us not only with information but also with showing us around the club and its installations.

With all this said and after leaving the club at its closing around 6:30 am, the vibes around were not the ones I expected.  Before the ending time, we placed ourselves behind the DJ booth on a higher level to contemplate the ending of Carl Cox’s set and the facial expressions and reactions of the crowd. As soon as the track made everyone understand that it was going to end everyone pulled out their phones to film it and that was not as bad as their reaction of whistling and shouting. The need for more is understandable but a round of applause from almost ten thousand people would have been the right thing to do. That would have been the glorious ending that everyone was searching for no matter what time it was.

Despite that the expectations were pleased and the night was a success. Next Tuesday 18th of July there is more to come and after this incredible debut event, we can’t wait!



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