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Reviewed: Mura Masa Live in Manchester


As the room fell to black, a slight dim flicker in the left-hand corner caught everyone’s eye. A lamp, reminiscent of something out of the pre-2000’s, began to glow and cast a warm luminosity on an old cream sofa and square box TV that a good majority of the audience had probably never seen in their lives; dust clinging to the screen with static. A deep synth buzzed around the four walls of Victoria Warehouse in Manchester, overpowering the sounds of screams and a sea of phone torches. In the midst of it all, Mura Masa and his band, strolled proudly onto the stage to take up their positions.

It seemed only fitting to open with the album title ‘Raw Youth Collage’, and this provided the perfect introduction to the calm before the storm. The enticing over-autotuned lyrics drew everyone’s attention towards the stage before the band stormed straight into ‘I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again’.

It didn’t take long to warm the crowd up; it was a Saturday night and they seemed up for the party. As the first chorus kicked in, Manchester was bouncing. Joined by vocalist, Fliss, her immaculate vocals illuminated the room; her bounding energy complimenting Mura Masa’s tracks throughout the whole performance as she swished around her electric blue braids.

The first four tracks were a whirlwind, with singer, Bonzai, soon following to perform the buoyant ‘Nuggets’ as everyone danced along to the 90’s rave visuals blaring on the backdrop. The iconic track ‘One Night’ with Charli XCX was up next; as the first few notes of synth chimed, the roar from the crowd and the smiles on their faces was unbeatable.

Ploughing through a good handful of tracks on his latest album, the stage then began to glow a luminescent shade of green and the crowd were treated to a super special guest performance as Slowthai sauntered onto the stage. The crowd were already lively, but this appearance had everyone falling over each other, creating mosh pits as he whipped his top off and cheekily stuck his tongue out at the crowd.

Of course, Mura Masa didn’t forget his roots as his encore consisted of ‘Love$ick’ and ‘Firefly’. ‘You’ve got no excuse to not know the words to this one’, Fliss enthusiastically shouted, before everyone gave it their all and bounced around for one last time as the sweat dripped down the walls of the warehouse.

Mura Masa remained incredibly humble throughout, casually speaking to the crowd occasionally to thank them for reciprocating to his awe-inspiring tunes. For someone with talent like his, he should definitely be taking more credit than he does during his on-stage shows, but, with a little help from Fliss, Bonzai, Slowthai and his band, they all carry the show and make it an entertaining, captivating and dynamic performance. Every time I see Mura Masa, I leave radiating with a huge smile on my face wanting to do it all over again, and I’m already counting down the days until next time.

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