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Reviewed: MuM party at B12 Gallery Ibiza


In the last three years, Ibiza’s winters have become more electronic as many of its summer workers decide to remain on the island during offseason. With much experience gained during hard summers, planning, designing and promoting parties all around the island, young clubbers and promoters continue to grow their labels during the winter as well. Five years ago, on a regular winter weekend, you could only go out and have a drink around the Westend area in San Antonio. Three pubs would open every Friday and Saturday where you could dance to a bit of commercial, pop, Latin and in the best case scenario some rock music. With harsh regulations on opening hours in San Antonio and a new generation of electronic music lovers staying throughout the winter, the situations switched, and Ibiza town turned into an array of party options for all kind of music lovers. Proof of this tendency is MuM, an event company and record label that promotes and displays minimal house and techno that comes from the minds of talented underground artists. They started in December 2016 and in these last years, they have experienced exponential growth. On 26th of January, at B12 Gallery, we were presented with a complete lineup formed by Ivan Fernandez, Jairo Nuñez, Bixa (Bila & Xandru) and Jordan.

Bila and Xandru didn‘t hesitate to accept the invitation and came to Ibiza exclusively for this event. This Romanian duo captivated their public with their unreleased tracks, and music produced by their fellow Romanian companions, such as Cally, Sepp, Nu Zau and many more. A few of the tracks we could rescue from that night were a remix by Dosem of Eli & Fur’s ‘Parfume’, ‘Play Your Heart’ by Gray and Eddie Cuesta, ‘Pray by Night’ by Paradoxal, ‘Do Not Brag’ by Adryiano and ‘Infinito’ by Cossmos.

 I could not help to notice that many people were pleased with the sound system, a Funktion-One beauty that couldn’t keep any hidden sound to itself. The Romanian sound was always present in its unique pattern with steady beats that grant the ultimate freedom of dance moves. Let me explain myself. As we know, certain types of music usually come with determined dance moves, as the tempo guides you through the rhythm. The ambiguousness of this particular minimal beat is always a constant. Whether you choose to shake your head and lift your arms while marking some spins with your legs or want just slowly to move your shoulders to the beat, you won’t fall into arrhythmia.  The dancefloor was versatile, there were many styles, and vibes spread amongst the 450 people that turned up and made the most of that night.  Towards the closing, as Jordan was spinning his pieces of vinyl, it came to a surprise to the Romanian duo to know that the party would last for two more hours until 8 am.  In the end, the three of them closed this underground hub that opens from time to time to people that embrace peculiar sounds and complex synth variations.

If you want to experiment this unique vibe, I have great news for all my Londoner readers out there. Next 8th of February MuM is going to shake Rolling Stock’s dancefloor with the help of Ted Amber, A-Bril, Berna and of course Jordan one of the talented people behind the entire MuM project. Don’t miss out…Get tickets here!