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Reviewed: Moon Harbour Showcase at Heart Ibiza


Heart Ibiza is one of the few big clubs that sporadically opens its doors for the courageous people that remain in Ibiza during the winter. Don´t get me wrong; the island in the winter has its sparkle. There are many cultural events, local holidays, small parties and private villas with three hours of sun where the same jolly faces fight over their turn on the mixer. On Friday 5th April Heart Ibiza presented for the second time Moon Harbour Showcase, an exceptional Heart Factory edition.

DEFEX, Francisco Allendes, Matthias Tanzmann and Dennis Cruz, in that particular order, pushed us to explore our most extravagant dance moves. DEFEX opened the night around 11:00 p.m. and, in half hour the dance floor was almost full. Until 1:00 a.m. he settled the mood with some deep techno uplifting everyone with tracks like ‘Check Check’ by Benno Blome feat Konrad Kadet remixed by Mihai Popoviciu, a smooth opening track that made us follow the vocals into the precious decoration of Heart, welcoming us to what will be an unforgeable night. Even though the weather was not on our side at the beginning of the night, that didn´t stop people from coming. A considerable queue was standing in the rain around 1:30 a.m. Later DEFEX pushed the tempo with another Moon Harbour release that did precisely what the title (‘Messin My Head’) says, courtesy of Denney.

Francisco Allendes built his way through the night with the fans on his side. He made the perfect twist from warm-up mood to it’s getting hot in here vibe with ‘Switch’ by Jansons feat. Dope Earth Alien.

Tanzmann erupted this volcano night with tracks like Detlef’s Remix of ‘My Soul’ by Seven Tasandi, Huxley, a clear piece that has something for your body, your mind and your soul. Besides that, the intensity of Ben Sterling’s ‘Dance Machine’ had everyone vibrate on a hyperactive beat. His session was dynamic and in constant interaction with the crowd that continually reached for Tanzmann´s hand as he smiled back to the enthusiast people.

Dennis Cruz picked the decks as the heated-up public was emerging into a prominent musical fever. We didn’t miss of course Moon Harbour’s cherry on the top release. Dennis Cruz delivered his ‘Sueño’, and everyone received it as an anthem.

On that Friday, Heart was all about welcome-back hugs, what you did in the winter conversations and all that new season new me stuff.

The winter might have come for the cast of Game of Thrones but nevertheless, summer is coming for everyone else that plans a season in Ibiza this 2019. At Heart Factory, we saw all the early birds dancing and tweeting about the next season on the white island. Are you going to miss it?


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