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With Winter coming to an end and Spring rearing its beautiful head, daytime parties are ready to blossom out of the cold months.

The first to wet our appetite is Infuse, the sister label to the already globally loved and renowned Fuse. The exclusive day parties will showcase some of Infuse’s current and future stars. We will see the Fuse team going back to their roots and taking over 93 Feet East for the first time in 5 years. Fuse has held some of London’s greatest electronic music events, redefining British techno culture and putting East London firmly on the map with their cutting edge vibe and all around fantastic atmosphere. These events are experiences created by the music lovers for the music lovers.

Infuse comes with a triple threat of parties taking place on March 4th, April 1st and May 6th. Each Infuse party will be curated by co-founder Seb Zito with a carefully selected collection of talent from both our shores and around the world, providing hours of underground house and techno.

It’s a fresh Saturday morning in the city when I take the trip down to Brick Lane on opening day with Zito, OdD and Ferro all slotted in for extended sets and word on the grapevine being that Fuse mastermind Enzo Siragusa will be doing the warm-up slot.

With the parties booked in from 1pm to 1am, I head down to 93 after doors open just as Enzo is in the middle of his set, a decent crowd has already gathered, all ready to have some rolling beats fill the air and give us that Ibiza open air party feeling. One of the great things about Infuse is that they use the best elements of tech house, techno and house music to generate an ambience like no other. The thought and planning that goes into every aspect of any Fuse event is remarkable and today is no exception. The precedence of the day has been set by Enzo and before long it’s London based coupling OdD to step behind the decks and take us through into the evening. The stripped back percussion heavy tracks are creating a fluid groove that is flowing into the crowd and every time the recognisable heavy downbeat pumps from the speakers, the crowd instantly responds with raised hands and smiling faces. The changeover between Siragusa and OdD is flawless, the vibe has been rooted and there’s not a chance of it going anywhere but up. OdD do so well at reeling in the partygoers and everyone is frothing at the mouth for those heavy downbeats and rolling techno basslines. Such a simple but effective atmosphere has been created here and we are lapping it up.

Today has been put with an over 20’s age restriction and that’s very noticeable both in the club’s famous Red Room and outside in the smoking area. A more sociable, mature and music appreciative crowd, this is the community of Brick Lane – a community that makes this event a stand out from the rest. Later into the evening DJs and producers of note are starting to arrive, from Egg regular Tom Frankel through to B.A.R.E head honcho Jnr Windross and every music lover in-between.

It’s time for the Infuse boss to take to the booth, moving us from a day party into a dusk party. In no time he’s shown us why both Fuse London and Infuse are the most hotly anticipated parties of the year. People from all walks of life under one roof experiencing beats that take us on a journey you can’t quite explain – an inside joke with your pals that no one else quite gets. The aura has changed dramatically but this is only a good thing – a much darker and deeper sound is coming through the speakers and people are up on platforms all getting their groove on. The crescendos build the anticipation for the bass heavy downbeat to introduce the next dark and dirty bassline. This is a masterclass in mixing and crowd control alike.

It’s safe to say the vibe created today is really like no other. They have managed to get that house party ambience, a reunion of old friends and shape it into something wonderful. There is an unrivalled feeling among the attendees. I wish it could be bottled and sold because I’d buy it by the bucket. This is most definitely an event I shall be returning to and frankly would advise any respectable enthusiast of underground electronic music to do so too. Showcases like this are few and far between in the current state of UK music culture and if you don’t make it to one then you have missed out on history in the making.

Last to step into the booth is Ferro, well known for intricate flowing rhythms and grooving funk-flecked basslines. For the first hour he takes us further into the deep then effortlessly lifts the atmosphere, introducing uplifting crisp bass guitar sounds. The party is reaching a wonderful moment. The crowd has enjoyed this display and Ferro is playing off of the vibe he is feeling, elevates the mood to a cheery happy place. The conversational nature of the day has returned by the end and everyone is speaking about the success of the day and boy, what a success it has been. The InFuse team has really made their mark with such intricate productions, such attention to detail and all for the love of music.

Choosing to go back to where it all started has what made this day something I will never forget. Brick Lane is a hub of culture, community and creativity and it shows in an event like Infuse. No one here cares if you’ve got the new iPhone or you’re wearing the newest trainers or if your eyebrows and makeup could make Beyonce jealous. Everyone is here to listen to these amazing DJs showcase some of the understated talent that is out there in the electronic music world.

This party is London’s best kept secret (Chinese whispers in the playground) and today I was part of something that has only made me want it more. Many events have tried to replicate such an atmosphere but nothing will truly match what Infuse has created here today.  


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