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Club Review

Reviewed: Idol at Eden Ibiza on 1st July


On 1st July we went to explore the white island’s West Coast, the beloved San Antonio. Even though the famous West End has seen a decrease in its popularity, this summer, hotels have been full, the beaches crowded and the clubs are doing pretty well. Our stop was Eden. Founded in 1999 it built its reputation very fast, as its location by the beach in ‘Sanan’ bay is privileged and the parties versatile.

Idol dancers

After a period of decay in 2015, the club changed owners followed a considerable reform in the infrastructure and aesthetics of the building in and outside. The star of this refurbishment is the sound system. The Incubus Gold by Void is an audio engineering masterpiece that has beautiful aesthetics. This sound system can allow linear frequency and power shading within a single mid-top enclosure. This, in everyday English, means that the bass frequencies will be your best dance partners.

Mondays at Eden means Idol, a party that blends tech and tech-house styles through a very diverse line-up throughout the summer. That night the sound was brought by Italian artists invited to join forces and display their talent and most of all to show what makes them different from one another in style, vibe and of course, sound.

This party was founded in in 2017 by Diego Donati and King Joshua and has invested a lot in good line-ups and high production. Eden seems to be the perfect location. As you enter the club, the giant bust of this figure that looks like a metallic mummy imposes its size to anyone who comes to the club. It is not scary, though as everyone stops to takes pictures however it is imposing.

The line-up for Idol on the night was Murjd, Emanuele Inga, Diego Donati, Pirupa, and King Joshua in order of appearance.

The dance floor was starting to fill up by half past midnight when Murjd by that time was already banging some techno tracks testing the crowd. Towards the end of his set, he chose a more melodic Berlin techno approach with tracks like ‘Arboria’ by Stereocalypse. Up next at 1 am Emanuele Inga was on celebrating his birthday. This Italian artist has been around the island for 15 years now and is known to produce a unique sound, a mix of tech-house, dub and minimal that translates in what they call a ‘lento-violento’ (slow-violent eng.) rhythm. If you want to find out more about it I encourage you to listen to Lwrnce & Connma’s ‘Senses’, Chris Gialanze’s ‘Channel Your Power’ and Emanuele Inga and Luca Radez’s ‘Sociedad’ (Noexcuse),  very infectious tracks that Inga played that night and that are released on his imprint Knostra Music.

Idol booth action

Around half-past 2 am Diego Donati enters with a playful vibe with tracks like Soulwax’s remix of Marie Davison’s ‘Work It’. Then he slowly moved on to a tech-house rhythm, which everyone loved. Donati closed with Marco Strous’s ‘Flex’ on a very active note reassuring that the party is still on and burning! Pirupa was next, and in a moment of glory, he had it his way with a very cool track of Andrea Oliva titled, guess what? ‘My way’. Some classic 2000’s tracks rang with trumpets playing that had the British crowd go wild. The club was almost full until the end when King Joshua jumped on the decks with tracks like ‘Along Came Polly’ by Rebuke.

Idol booth

The mix of styles was very refreshing with music for all tastes and styles. The party was a success and it looks like Idol will have a bright summer with outstanding names in the line-up.

Tickets are available for future Idol parties at Eden Ibiza here