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Reviewed: Hospitality In The Park 2019


As the 2019 summer festival season draws to a close, London was blessed with one last weekend of sun and sound. Hailing from south London, Hospital Records is home to some of the largest players in drum & bass including acts like Netsky, High Contrast and Danny Byrd. Now an international label with events stretching all the way to New Zealand, the London crowd were in for a mighty treat at Hospitality In The Park 2019 in the glorious Finsbury Park.

Photo by: Garry Jones

As we neared the park, we could begin to hear the 360° celebration of dance music that Hospitality were about to showcase. With a multitude of headliners including Camo & Krooked, LTJ Bukem and Metrik, there was something for everyone’s taste of drum and bass. One highlight act early on was musician and singer, Degs. Displaying a refreshing style of Drum and Bass with a high focus on his vocals, it was a perfect antidote for the rumbling chaos coming out of the other tents. Gliding through his 30-minute set with Hospital’s smooth sound system it was a fantastic live performance and a reminder as to why drum and bass is one of the world’s most exciting and diverse genres.

Photo by: Cathy Whatever

After our visit to the main tent, we decided to see what else the festival stages had to offer. With around 7 stages, you were never short of something to go and see. Each stage had its own little quirks, with one stand out stage for me; the Med School stage. Established in 2006 and functioning as a sister label for Hospital Records, it’s focused on the more deep and experimental sound of Drum and Bass. Unfortunately, the sad news was delivered before the event as Med School Records announced they would be closing their doors as a sister label. Nevertheless, although this news was sad, it made the Med School’s last festival event feel even more special. One standout act at the Med School stage was Lenzman b2b LSB. Appearing on stage in the twilight hour as the sun began to dip and the air began to cool down, the two artists blasted through a soulful set. Mixing several different styles into their set, it was a powerful combination of force and had the crowd in their hands at every transition. While the news was sad about the label, these two artists were a perfect testament that Med School’s music will live on forever.

Photo by: Garry Jones

As we transitioned into the night, the raw energy of Hospitality’s force began to take flight and one of our favourite artists on Hospitality’s roster, Metrik, had a main stage slot. With recent releases, such as ‘Hackers’ and ‘Gravity’ both becoming 2019 dancefloor anthems, his performance was set to be nothing but legendary. Opening with his high-octane style, Metrik didn’t show any signs of slowing as the crowd loved every minute. He glided through, effortlessly delivering a masterclass in dancefloor mixing, his crisp production talent making him, in my opinion, the standout artist to perform the whole weekend.

Photo by: Cathy Whatever

As Hospitality In The Park 2019 drew to a close, you could tell this festival was born out of the love of music. With a lineup of talented artists and a label crew who are passionate about the music they promote, it made it more than just a festival. You felt part of the Hospital family, which in the cut-throat climate of today’s music industry is nearly impossible. The festival highlighted everything which is uniting about music and in the current state of the UK, we need as much of Hospital Records as we can get!

Photo by: Cathy Whatever

Huge congrats and thanks to all involved for having us down again this year! See you next year!

Hospitality have just announced Hospitality Returns To The Dock on 10th April 2020! Make sure you sign up for pre-sale tickets here


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