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Reviewed: Guy Gerber Shoreditch Street Party


Ducking out of the empty tube, I contemplate my luck to be living in this city, as myself, am too “introverted” for the flamboyant smorgasbord that was happening on the other side of the city. Instead, I headed to a claimed-to-be secret Unleash event that took place on Pindar Street, in the heart of Shoreditch. Guy Gerber hosted the RUMORS deck alongside with Acid Mondays, Bill Patrick, Bas Ibellini and a special live performance by dOP.

A mixture of local white collars in their preppy shorts, slender fad-revolting Italians and of course, sweaty steroidiens were spotted, all dancing together at this secret garden party. The production effort was rather impressive, timely-wise; to erect a club-scaled venue with cocktail bars, adorning props, more than basic amenities amid rather humbling space; can only be done by professionals .. all was a necessary vibe inducing formulae.

If you’re not already familiar with the party, RUMORS residents alike Bas Ibellini, typically styling Ibizan ambient under tech-house loop, imprinting vocal that proposes inevitable dark conclusion. While Mr. Monday, this time, sent the guests to an imaginary oasis surrounded by forest of skyscrapers, his sound wasn’t too excessively raging but just scenically enough.

Not overboiling until the main act, Guy Gerber, unsparingly, waved down heady hectic chains of psychedelia inspired grooves. Dehydration aside, I wonder what sort of magic mushroom trip would the Israeli chillmaster concoct in Fabric after.

The crowd swiveled to Secret Encounters, I memorized visuals!


@guygerber brought his @rumors_ibiza party to the streets of Shoreditch… 💯

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Lots had been heard: “London’s scenes corroded”, “It’s no longer the best”, then Guy Gerber threw a party, and all are reassured. It’s the city where worldly music cultures are seamlessly translated and celebrated. Who doesn’t get excited to see their street get trashed in style?


001 #motion .50 #Unleash x #rumors

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It’s fast, FOMO laiden, €8.99 Beefeater single G&T lifestyle that people cannot get enough of.

It’s dOP live, oxygen trampling and the might-have-been sarcastic fashion-statement crowd that is too entertaining.


001 #motion .51 #dOP (live)

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It’s “tap water please”, rodent-like Shawarma meat and 5-HTP diet that becomes too essential.

You’re spoiling me London x

Photo credit: Ray Vu and Dan Savage


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