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Reviewed: Elrow At Amnesia


Elrow is the biggest name in both the festival and nightclub scene this summer and with a cheeky trip to Ibiza planned with the girls, there was no way I was going to miss out on a chance to attend.

Working in the live events industry, I have heard nothing but good things about the night; I knew the crazy, immersive atmosphere would be like nothing else! On an island full of posers, lip fillers and money I knew I would feel right at home immersed in an eccentric world full of glitter, fancy dress and UV light!

Although I’d holidayed in Ibiza numerous times, I’d never been to Amnesia before, despite it being an Ibizan institution and one of the biggest clubs on the island! World renowned for its eclectic programming and unforgettable epic clubbing experiences, Amnesia houses two massive dance floors plus upper VIP levels overlooking the colourful crowds below. Elrow, an extravaganza of circus and tomfoolery, is the perfect marriage for the superclub.

Having read reviews before my visit I had been steeling myself for long entry queues, hour-long waits at the bar and overcrowded dance floors, but what we actually experienced was the complete opposite. We waltzed straight into the courtyard after being greeted at the door by the friendliest (and gorgeous) staff, headed straight to the bar where we were served within 30 seconds and were dancing in the main room within 5 minutes of entry where we had ample dance space throughout the night. At times it was a little overcrowded but that’s to be expected from the biggest night in Ibiza and didn’t stop us from having fun.

The only drawback was the cost of drinks! I nearly had a heart attack when we were charged 49 euros for a gin and tonic, vodka-cranberry and bottle of water! Then again, this is one of the biggest nights in Ibiza so expect to pay top dollar.

From the second you enter the club you’re immersed in an elaborate world of surrealism, vibrant décor, interactive walkabout performers, costumed dancers, stilt walkers, epic stage productions, confetti cannons and brightly coloured inflatables.

The atmosphere was electric. A unique blend of “glittery hedonism” versus “kid let loose in a sweet shop”; you can’t help but dance mouth agape, staring at the colourful madness that surrounds you. It’s moments like these that revellers will be reminiscing about in years to come; keeping the magic alive and spreading the Elrow love. From the illustrious and prolific Patrick Topping to the mind-blowing Malaga-born Cuartero and none other than the Elrow regular, Madrid-born De La Swing plus many more, all the DJs were out of this world. Ambushing your eardrums with infectious grooves, dirty drops, impressive beats and badass basslines of thumping bangers creating those wild hands in the air moments.

It’s 03:55 in the morning and there’s a buzz in the air. In exactly 5 minutes the revellers will witness what Elrow is all about. As it nears 4am, an excitement fills the main room that I can’t describe. The anticipation is intense! Then … it happens! The “Elrow Detonator” hits us. A cyclone of confetti and streamers explodes and the crowd goes absolutely mental! This is the the reason why we’re all here; to experience the crazy, interactive carnival for ourselves.

Silk rope performers hang from the ceiling, twisting and turning above a sea of smiling people. Did I just see a man rowing in a boat floating in the air? Or was it a banana costume with a yellow feather boa? Everywhere I look it’s sensory overload. A fried egg running through the dancefloor, an ostrich embracing and kissing the crowds, a cow wearing steampunk glasses … I could barely comprehend the surrealist hi jinx going on around me. Pure genius! I’m left absolutely gobsmacked, elated, thrilled, gasping for breath from non-stop belly laughter and hungry for more!

It’s not only the light show and the crystal clear sound from the speakers that makes the night one to remember. Elrow certainly delivered a live performance of remarkable proportions. The amount of effort and imagination put into the production is out of this world. Hats off the team! You nailed it! I can’t wait to experience Elrow again – and you’d be a fool to not come with me.

Photo credit: Pablo Dass, Alex Caballero & Andrei Oprescu


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