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Reviewed: Do Not Sit on The Furniture – Opening



Do Not Sit on The Furniture is a special kind of party. It was started by Behrouz in Miami at a time when commercial music ruled the local scene. His vision was to bring some intimate, friendly vibes and melody rich music for real house lovers to get down to. Inspired by seminal parties like The Hacienda in Manchester and others around the world, it has got a fine reputation and often has quality guests, as well as operating a label that deals in what is being called desert house.

After various parties around the world, the brand has landed in Ibiza for its first proper season at Heart. The new addition to the Balearic landscape kicked off on June 7th and made an immediate impact with its stroking decor. Hundreds of dream catchers hang around the venue to make for a mystic feeling and giant screens show constellations of stars and genetic shapes that help zone you out.

Up first is Squire, who plays an ethnic brand of house that is nice and enchanting. Flutes and drifting melodies characterise it and really cast a spell on the crowd, which is made up of people from all over the world. They get more and more into it and loosen up to make for a great atmosphere and we hear French, Italian and English voices all wandering about the crowd.

Rodriguez Jr then steps up for a live set and gets a great reaction from the crowd. He layers in melody, great pads and subtle drums that slowly ramp up the pressure and the floor even more excited. Dancers are hugely impressive and wild costumes are dotted around to add to the magical feel of the party. When Behrouz steps up with a shamanistic African vocal to kick his set off, shivers went down our spines and the all-seeing eye of the Illuminati appeared on a big screen for another layer of immersion in this great illusion.

Deep house is the order of the boss’s set and is always warm and inviting, with gentle grooves and proper melody all getting deep into our soul. Cassy takes over for the final part of the night and continues to play to the MO of the night with heartfelt sounds that are both classy and tasteful.


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