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Reviewed: Bass Music Awards 2019


As we entered the second bank holiday weekend of the year, there was one thing more prevalent than Easter eggs on our mind. On the 21st April, the Bass Music Awards brought a giant celebration of all things bass music to the O2 Victoria warehouse in Manchester. Billed as both an awards ceremony and late night event, it was sure to draw large crowds from all over the UK.

Stepping outside of the taxi, we admired the marvel of Manchester’s Victoria Warehouse. Housing up to 5000 attendees, it was the perfect venue for the monstrous electronic line-up the Bass Music awards had in store. As we passed the strict security the venue had in place, we explored the red brick warehouse which consisted of two rooms, several bars and multiple viewing areas.

We arrived exceptionally early to see one of the most talked about artists in drum and bass today; Dimension. As he stepped up onto an unusually quiet sound system, the crowd began to get going. His masterful mixing style began to pack the main room as the ravers dribbled in from the tight security outside. By the end of his set, the room packed. Finishing with his song ‘Desire’ in collaboration with Sub Focus, the crowds sung its catchy hook word for word as the next artist Friction came alongside setting his USB’s up.

It was then that the night time atmosphere began to kick in. As former Radio 1 presenter and record label owner, Friction, tore through his new album ‘Connections’ (which also won the best album at the preceding ceremony) the crowd took it up a notch. Friction delivered a masterclass of all aspects of drum and bass, showing precision, talent and ability as he glided effortlessly through the many sub-genres that drum and bass now offers. It was a remarkable performance, leading the crowd to chant his name as his set ended.

Nevertheless, one of the most talked about performances of the night had still yet to grace the warehouse. Hailing all the way from Western Australia was bass music legends; Pendulum. Being one of the most talked about dance acts of all time; Pendulum were sure to steal the night. As they opened, the sound system seemed to suspiciously double in volume as everyone made sure they witnessed the opening. Featuring anthems like ‘Witchcraft’ and ‘Tarantula’ Pendulum played them all; with hints of neurofunk and jump up it was a set with energy at its core. As a group who don’t play sets that often, it felt like Pendulum were still at the top of their game and their DJ set at the Bass Music Awards 2019 was perfect proof.

As some acts finished we took breaks in-between to explore the venue. The exposed brickwork with original features was the perfect setting for a bass music rave. The bars were well stocked, however they employed a non-refundable token system for purchasing drinks which became tiresome and frustrating. Nevertheless, the Bass Music awards transported Victoria Warehouse into an underground metropolis of dance music showcasing some of the best in the genre and delivering and unforgettable night of performances. If you’re interested about the winners of the awards ceremony take a look below to see who won:

Industry Panel awarded:

Best Event 2018 – Rampage
Best Track – Police In Helicopter Benny L
Best Album – Friction – Connections
Best Record Label – Helicopter

Voted for by the public:

Best Bass DJ – Skepsis
Best DJ – Andy C
Best Group – Crucast
Best Live Act – SaSaSaS
Best MC – Bru-C


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