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Reviewed: An Intimate Evening with Be Svendsen


Denver in the last 10 years has had a renaissance sweep over its music scene. There has always been the infamous Red Rocks Amphitheater, known for hosting the world’s best talent during the spring and summer months, but the depth of talent brought into the venues encompasses a vast swell of genres. Surprisingly, Denver has more venues than Austin. Even with the historied Beta Nightclub closing at the beginning of the year, Denver hasn’t skipped a beat in bringing in the best talent outside of the coasts

Seifhaus (Seif) is no stranger to curating events. His love for the underground music scene knows no bounds: which shows in the unique and eclectic talent he brings which includes Denver’s first All Day I Dream festival, Kora, Behrouz, Tim Green, and many more artists. The spaces he transforms from Sushi Hai to Milk Bar at Bar Standard always take on an organic mood, featuring foliage, statues, and tapestries to create a more intimate vibe.

Cue Be Svendsen. Coming off the heels of his first full-length artist album ‘Between a Smile and a Tear’, which sees him straying away from the dusty dance floor hits which brought him success to take a chance on the wilder and less predictable side of music. Don’t be mistaken that he has removed those vibes completely. Be’s self-described “Tarantino Techno” and desert-tech sounds still mold the final product.

“I’ve long desired to share the more experimental material I write – tracks that can be hard to place on the club labels, but nonetheless hold a very big part of me. To team up and release my first album on Music For Dreams feels like the perfect match and the right time exactly for that. Very happy to join the dreamers!”

The anticipation of experiencing a different type of live set was palpable. With Demetrius (LOVEtriBE) and Georgie Michael (Below Radar) setting the proper tone, the transition from opener to headliner was seamless apart from the hoots and hollers of excitement as Be Svendsen took to the stage. Utilizing the array of drum machines and other controllers that were responsible for outputting the sounds comprising his music, the resulting unique style of cowboy techno had the crowd “galloping” with a variety of different expressions, all on the spectrum of euphoric, melodic and evocatively somber. Being that this show was in Denver, the crowd ranged from your Burning Man regulars and techno aficionados to your casual listener and walk-ups who know the Milk Bar on Thursdays are the place to be.

Be’s journey into the electronic music realm has been unconventional for sure. Drawing his inspiration from the desert, open planes, and the outdoors while sourcing his cinematic and classical upbringing, with no live set is ever the same. The European leg of his tour starts March 1st at Galaxy in Athens, Greece,


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