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Reviewed: Amnesia – Electric Brixton


Saturday 4th March was like nothing before, an unusual night in Brixton as it was a night in which Brixton took centre stage. Throughout its rich cultural history, Amnesia has remained at the forefront of the clubbing scene for 42 years and the pyramid has been the Ibiza dance mecca’s icon during this time. From an open-air hippy disco and original acid house rave the club has grown into an international famed super-club. Saturday 4th March saw London’s Electric Brixton transform into the renowned super-club for one night only as the brand new pyramid was shipped over from the island of Ibiza. With state of the art technology, the revolutionary pyramid has been constructed to harbour full LED screen and laser capabilities at 7×7 metres, it really is an absolute monster in production. As expected the venue was filled with all the trademark Amnesia party attributes such as their exceptional sound, indulgent dancers and industrial sized Co2 cannons. 

The night gave ravers a chance to experience and fast-forward to summer for one night only as they isolated themselves away from the monotonous build up to the festival and holiday season, which was very much apparent by array of Hawaii styled shirts scattered across the crowd. Headlined by house heavyweight and Elrow resident Patrick Topping, the stellar lineup was surely expected to set the venue alight, and without fail it certainly did. 

It was a late start to the night which was kicked off by Clint Lee, a name which has very much been embedded in London’s electronic jungle. With an affinity for mind-bending minimal and tribal techno Lee very much set the tone and vibe for the night as he enticed ravers into a more distorted array of dance moves from early on. The night continued to be nothing but good vibes for eight straight hours of techno and house as Lee was closely followed by sets from Edu Imbernon and Catz ’N Dogz who heightened the standard of the night as they had the venue pumping and filled with Co2 as the bass bounced off the walls, setting the stage for headliner Patrick Topping. As expected Grzegorz and Wojciech (Catz ’N Dogz) pulled out an electrifying set filled with catchy cuts and drops proving why they are at the top of the electronic dance revolution and only one of the few acts famed for both technical skill and the ability to engage a live audience. Their long extended build ups and bass filled drops were met with incredible responses from the crowd, absolutely rocking the venue and really giving it a sense of an Amnesia club night. Edu Imbernon as expected kept the party going playing all types of techno and deep house, in particular, a tonne of his remixes.

The time passed quickly as expected and before you knew it the time struck 3am, exactly halfway through the night and it was the perfect setting for heavyweight headliner Patrick Topping to take to the stage as he ploughed through a two hour set, dropping all the crowd pleasers and teasers. His set opened with the classic ‘Welcome To The Jungle by Thick Dick’  which as expected had the crowd howling and dancing in trance. Throughout his set, the pyramid was in full flight as all the faces lit up with beams enclosing Topping as the edges lit up and strobed in synchronous with the hats and kicks of the tunes. Dropping more bangers like his well known remix of Raumakustik – Dem A Pree, Topping really did have something for everyone throughout the two hours as he began with a bang playing more bass heavy techno styled tunes, creating an electrifying atmosphere in the venue, before he slowly progressed into some more long technical build ups towards the end of his set easing the tunes into a more chilled out tech house vibe setting the crowd up for Amnesia resident DJ Mar-T to take over the stage for a three hour special B2B set with Hector Couto to close the night.

Mar-T and Hector Couto took centre stage and from the very start of their three hour masterclass they were rolling out some absolute belters which had the atmosphere booming as it had been all night, if not better. The set consisted of some huge thumping techno numbers along with some contrasting slower tracks which being paired with the Pyramid, which was ultimately the star of the show, completely fulfilled exceptions of the night and really created the feeling of a club night that is rarely seen in the Winter/Autumn months of the year. It was the perfect pairing of DJs to close up such an exciting and hugely awaited night and as the lights on the Pyramid dimmed and the clocks struck 8am it was indeed time for everyone to head home after eight solid hours of intense raving.

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