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Reviewed: Solomun Closing Pacha 2017


The last club to shut Ibiza’s 2017 summer season is Pacha and this year the club will no longer be opening during winter weekends due to a new refurbishment project organised by the new owners.  Pacha was a must see this year as they have been celebrating their 50th Anniversary!

On the 15th October 2017, Solomun was in charge of the closing party of the famous club. His plus one was a plus two this time, Tale of Us rocked the dancefloor and ended their ‘+1’ offering with a back to back with their host in what was one of the hottest nights on the island.

Solomun+1 has been a successful party since its debut on the island in 2013 with a unique vibe and exceptional production. I must say the dance floor at Pacha it’s not very big and it’s surrounded by stairs, VIP areas, balconies and numerous bars. Normally the DJ booth is situated on the right of the entrance above the public, however, when it’s Solomun’s turn, well things are different. First of all the booth is placed in front of the entrance so when you enter the club, he or his +1 welcomes you just as you come in. The booth is a bit lower, therefore, closer to the fans. Because there are stairs and VIP areas around the booth crowded with people, when the club is full it gives you the impression that the DJ is playing among the people, in the middle of the crowd and not above it.

Enough about the club, let’s get to the real deal, the music. If I was to say that many people love Solomun’s music I wouldn’t be saying anything new so what I will try to share with you is why I think it’s so popular. What I observed in general at Solomun’s events is the versatility of its public. This season Solomun’s closing was moved a week later under the expectation that 2017 was going to be busier. The truth is that it was not, nevertheless the twelve hour party went on to be as busy as usual.

The fact that the island was not so busy implies that there were a lot of locals at the party and a few tourists that had a weekend off in October and one main event to go to during that time. So many different people were brought together in one venue dancing with each other like a family under Solomun’s well-known waves and smiles to his public. Not only during the closing, but at many of his events, I have seen people of all ages and musical taste hugging each other in dance.

I think that his music selection has a similar pattern, therefore, it’s responsible for this phenomenon where all types of people with different styles, and music tastes can dance under the same sound and roof.

The pattern that draws my attention (and since then I’ve embraced with enthusiasm) was Solomun’s rock beat. Every time I go to a Solomun night I feel like I am at a techno version of a rock concert, a rhythm that guides our night through head shakes and clenching fists with our hands up and down and our legs from one side to the other; everybody seems to fall into the melodies that accompany these familiar beats. These melodies are also the reason to attract such diverse public. Rich folklore, inspired in Asian, Arabic and Balkanic sounds decorate heavy beats that ring in the ear of any person accustomed to good music.

The guests, Tale of Us opened the night at Pacha at midnight leaving the booth to Solomun around 3 am until 6 am when the highly expected B2B began.

I have to say, Tale of Us are well known for their hard techno and the way they make enchanting melodies with industrial sounds. Their show was guaranteed, few words can explain the welfare amongst the public. Even though that night we had different artists in front of us trying to impress us the best way they could, the unity of sound they created made it possible for another six hours of dance. No matter how they play, their hard beats with folkloric refinements and industrial tones seem to balance the sound and lift people’s vibes very high. An unforgettable night hosted by a delightful trio.