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Chris Coco
is a been there done it all kind of guy. Since kicking off his career in the early days of acid house, the London-based DJ has released albums via the likes of Warp and Distinctive, and his contributions to music extend to radio hosting, label ownership and journalism too.

His latest album, How To Disappear Completely dropped earlier this month via Disappear and tells the tale of Coco’s travels around the globe, offering a serene blend of sun-kissed ambience and laid-back beats. The record oozes lazy Sunday listening vibes, which is precisely why we knew Coco would be perfect for our Chilled Transmission series.

Featuring tracks from Nonkeen, Vangelis, Sad City and several of his own efforts, Coco’s mix is available to stream or download below.


01. Chris Coco – Spiritland
02. Fenster – Emoceon
03. Model 500 – Starlight (Echospace Dub)
04. Vangelis – Blade Runner Blues
05. Chris Coco – Dreaming Of Love (Ruf Dug Dub)
06. Nonkeen – Animal Farm
07. Iggy Pop Tarwater Alva Noto – As Adam Early In The Morning I Am He That Aches With Love
08. Gigi Masin – The City Lights
09. Soulsavers – Hal (Wolfgang Voigt Pop Ambient Mix)
10. Chris Coco – Portmerion Tide Flow (Jonny Nash Version)
11. Sad City – Apricot
12. Chris Coco – Leave No Trace


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