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Welcome To The Atomic Age: My Favorite Robot



Are you going to be touring as a live act in support of this album? 

The tour for Atomic Age will be a DJ set tour.  It just wasn’t possible to perform live for this one as it was written to be more of a studio album. We do have plans to write new material geared to a live show as our next major project though. We want to do it properly, with live instruments and more of a performance based thing, rather than a laptop live thing, so it will take some work.

Why the decision to host your album on No. 19 music, over your own label?

For the most part, feels just the same as having released it on our own label. It’s in the hands of some of our best friends and it’s actually quite nice to have another label to help with the push. We’ve done a lot of DIY in the past, “We Come In Pieces” was originally released on MFR, but it was the felt right to put this one out in a different way from our first album.

My Favorite Robot, as a label, is ferociously prolific – any plans for the big 100th release? It’s going to creep up soon.

Are we almost at 100? Kind of crazy to think about how many releases we’ve had on the label in our five years. The idea always was that if we had quality music, we shouldn’t sit on it and just release it as soon as possible. In our eyes, we were doing something a little bit different with our A&R, and that it would take quite a few releases for people to start to understand what our vision was. The best way to do that was to keep putting out records.

Fast forward to today, and we have some many amazingly talented contributors, and currently about a 6 month backlog of records set to release with some amazing music! As for number 100? We’re still about 15 shy of that mark, so while it’s quickly approaching, we still have time to figure that one out. And if we did know (which we don’t) we still wouldn’t tell. Robots are great at keeping secrets.

Have you got a release that you have been particularly proud of? Maybe well received critically, or flown off the shelves?

Wow man, there are really so many and for so many different reasons. I actually am quite proud of the diversity of the records that we’ve put out over the years. Clearly, not every record is for everyone, but the quality across the board is something we’re very happy about when looking back. I’d say some of the releases that we love most are strictly for the music, because we all know that music doesn’t quite ‘fly off the shelves’ like it used to. Favorite EPs would be Pink Skull’s first record and Jori Hulkkonen’s Options EP. As always, we’re looking ahead and have some great music planned for the next year so keep it dialed in!

The most important question: out of all time, fiction and non-fiction, what IS your favorite robot?

The one that answers my call and tells me it’s important to them…haha! My view of robots in the real world is actually changing as time goes on. When you look back to your childhood you think robot is was always something fictional like R2D2, C3PO, Voltron, The Transformers, or sh*t like that. In the present, robots are really taking over our lives to the point when real jobs are being lost to computers in manufacturing, call centers, and the like, and of course that trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Humans better be careful, or we might see a robot takeover of humanity, starting with Atomic Age!


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