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Wehbba shares his favourite sci-fi films to coincide with a return to Drumcode


The new year sees Wehbba return to Drumcode with another pin-sharp techno excursion, ‘Premonition’. The new EP draws influence from sci-fi themes, most notably EP track ‘The Message’, which takes its sample from the 1967 film ‘Mars Needs Women’. With this in mind, Data Transmission asked the Brazilian techno stalwart to share his top 5 sci-fi films. Tuck into the classics below and stream ‘Premonition’ here

Mars Needs Women (1967)

“The Message” from my new EP ‘Premonition’ obviously has me mentioning this one, it’s a classic ‘60s sci-fi lo-fi flick, a TV movie from an era where TVs were barely a thing, you can imagine. Totally worth it for a laugh.

Mars Attacks! (1996)

Sticking with the Mars theme, this has to be one of the best b-movies ever made, with an insane cast and a flawlessly horrible script. The Martians here are some of the cutest things ever on screen.

The Toxic Avenger (1984)

No sci-fi list is complete without a Troma movie. This is one of their main classics, featuring all of the essential elements of their movies: horrible make up, editing, acting, soft core porn scenes and so on.

Matrix (1999)

The ultimate sci-fi movie from my generation. Not much has to be said about this, just take the red pill.

Under The Skin (2013)

I love this weird and unsettling flick, Scarlett Johansson is amazing in it, it’s a more heady sci-fi thing than the other ones on the list, but still a modern classic for me.

Wehbba’s latest release ‘Premonition’ dropped via Drumcode on 13th January, grab yourself a copy from here!


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