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We Love… at Space – Ibiza



Being back on the island for what I had said would be my final pilgrimage to house music heaven before I get old, hang up my party girl boots and “broaden my horizons”(I hear the Seychelles has nice beaches)  was something that my anxiety almost couldn’t take. Having not been there since 2009 I was over emotional with excitement and glutinous for all the fun.

“Ibizaaaaa! I want all the fun. I want it in my face right now!”

After hearing echoes back home of Ibiza having changed and not having the same vibes, I was definitely out to test this statement. It couldn’t have worked out more perfectly than our first night being a Sunday. It would make no sense to go anywhere other than “We Love” at Space and seeing if the longest running night in Ibiza was still going strong.

The line up was solid and what I love about We Love is that it’s not about one sound or one sub genre of house music. They don’t mind putting a array of very good, very talented DJ’s all in the same mix. You get variety and it feels like a celebration of all things house; and the giant, acid-house, smiley  disco ball hanging over the dance floor is a symbol of our love of the genre. This night I was really looking forward to seeing James Zabiela, Tiga, DJ Sneak and George Fitzgerald.

Once the Discoteca room was full, George Fitzgerald graced the decks. I had wanted to see Fitzgerald for a while, simply because he was one of the few house DJ’s I hadn’t yet seen; but I had not expected to enjoy his set as much as I did. When he dropped his own remix of Close ft ScubaBeam Me Up the whole place erupted. I have heard this tune many times before but hearing in it over the sound system at Space was incredible. I knew I was in Space, I knew I was in Ibiza and I felt all warm inside. I couldn’t have imagined being anywhere better than amongst this group of hedonistic, vest wearing DJ worshipers.

Tiga followed Fitzgerald and just as his set was about the start he melted my heart a little. He held his little laptop up over his head with “Tiga J” written on the screen. I took this as him (despite playing in the main room of one of the worlds super clubs) not expecting anyone to recognise him. I was definitely being a girl and reading into it more than was necessary, but it did make me want to marry him just a little bit. Focussing back on the music, his set was a really uplifting house journey that just made those in attendance want to constantly smile. He played his own track – You gonna want me, which heightened the sense  of fun and fun is exactly how I would describe Tiga’s set.

James Zabiela headlined the Discoteca room. Someone next to me asked me who was on, and I knew they had never seen him before. Yes, his face may be covered with a mop of blonde hair, and he may not stay still long enough to even try and focus in on a glimpse of chin, but that is Zabiela ‘s signature style and you can recognise him by this alone. Zabiela worked the decks and I was half expecting him to spontaneously combust into a ball of flames the amount for all of his  energetic posturing but his energy flowed through the room to create and infectious party vibe. Oxymoronically,  Zabiela knows how to really make you focus in on the music by offering so much of a spectacle via his energy and technical prowess in regards to his visuals.

We went for a chill out on the Terrace, put out feet up for a while and listened to Todd Terje‘s Inspector Norse, whilst chatting away to new friends. I really felt the same Ibiza vibes I had felt back in 2009 when I worked my season. Space was as I remembered it and I was having a wicked time. Incredible music and an atmosphere that you can only find on The White Isle. We headed to the Terraza for the final set of the night, determined to see this night into dawn  with Sneak by far the DJ I was most looking forward to seeing. The self styled ‘House Gangster’, raised in Chicago  knows how to deliver that classic Chicago sound and is understandably one of the scenes most respected veterans. The man himself is big, with a big attitude and his music reflects this, which was just what we needed to keep us raving on until early hours. Surprising Sneak played loads of his own tracks and I found myself stomping around the dancefloor to ‘Just Shake’  acting gangster in homage to the Puerto Rican. It was most definitely embarrassing the amount I screwed my face up and swayed my head around like I was in the “in” crowd but I was just loving every minute. If I could bottle my favourite house sound I would have capsule every moment of that set.

We Love at Space came to an end on a massive high, just two of us left at this point as we excitedly chatted  well into the Ibiza morning, reflecting on the music and the atmosphere that we had just experienced. If We Love at Space was anything to go by then I’m pleased to report that rumours  of Ibiza’s demise  have been greatly exaggerated!

Grahame Farmer

Grahame Farmer’s love affair with electronic music goes back to the mid-90s when he first began to venture into the UK’s beloved rave culture, finding himself interlaced with some of the country’s most seminal club spaces. A trip to dance music’s anointed holy ground of Ibiza in 1997 then cemented his sense of purpose and laid the foundations for what was to come over the next few decades of his marriage to the music industry.

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