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Viva Brazil with Level 2


One of the most enduring labels in Drum and Bass, V Recordings has a unparalleled history, with artists such as Roni Size, Artificial Intelligence, and Krust all passing through the doors of the legendary Bryan Gee’s label. Always known for breaking the latest talent, V Recordings has also become synonymous with the Brazilian Drum and Bass scene, with the likes of DJ Marky, XRS and Patlife all bringing their own distinctive Latin sound to the label. Now, V Recordings rekindles its Brazilian ties with the Viva Brazil album. A collection of 15 fresh tracks, the Viva Brazil album represents the new wave of Brazilian talent, and we spoke to Level 2 to find out more…. What do you think makes the Brazilian scene such a hotbed for talent?  The electronic music underground scene growing in Brazil, and we have many people working to make a noise in all styles of electronic music – in Drum & Bass we have new artists who are engaged and who do a great job. It’s also very good when we have people from outside Brazil who believe in our work, that’s what motivates us every day. How did you get into Drum and Bass?  What would you describe your style as?  First for into DnB when I went to DJ Marky’s D & B’s Night Club  Lov.e in 2002, where many UK artists used to play. Back then my influence was surely DJ Marky, DJ Patife and DJ Andy, precursors of the new style here in Brazil but I usually make a blend between a jungle and deep liquid style, I love it! 🙂 What Brazilian artists have inspired you? Today definitively SPY! I love his style, and he is a great person too! Viva Brazil is going to be dropping on the mighty V Recordings. What is your first memory of the label, and how would you describe its sound? I’ve always been a fan of V Records, and I’ve always loved the selections of JJ Frost and Bryan G, from Artificial Intelligence to DJ Krust & Die. When I think of V records the first song that comes into my head is ‘it’s jazzy’ by Roni Size. Tell us more about Viva Brazil. How did it come about, how did you choose tracks, etc  Everything was quick, It was on a Sunday at my girlfriend’s home and Bryan G and asked, “hey Pedro do you want to do an album with Brazilian artists? ” I was very happy! in 2 months I had selected the tunes from the album, some of mine that I had already signed with V, and a few other artists as Critycal Dub, Chap, Andrezz, DJ Roots, and new talents such as Unreal, Jam Thieves, & Subsid L Side.  I think it shows the best there is in Brazil,  and we are all very happy with the outcome of the album. We’re even on the charts in sales, which is very good!  I’d like to thank Bryan G for the opportunity to show the world a bit of Brazil againLevel 2 Presents ‘Viva Brazil’ is out now.

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