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Victor Ruiz gives his Top 5 Things I Have Learned From Life


Music is something you have to experience. It touches you in the most intimate way. And that’s what music is to Victor Ruiz: the strongest form of art. With a Rock ’n’ Roll background, is no mystery that Victor has a unique sound.

For some years now, he has been known for his high-end quality of production, which has made him an established artist in the Techno scene. His “unofficial edits” of classic songs are very famous and part of Victor’s performances. The most popular ones are “Breathe” from The Prodigy, “Children” from Robert Miles, “Everything Counts” from Depeche Mode (in collaboration with Thomas Schumacher) and his latest edit of “Teardrop” from Massive Attack. He states that this is his way to pay tribute to their influences.

Apart from remixing officially big names of the electronic scene such as MOBY and Stephan Bodzin he has reached many times #1 on Beatport with his signature peak time melodic sound.

Over the years, the Brazilian born Berlin-based producer has been touring all around the world, from big festivals to intimate clubs and from big clubs to intimate festivals, and it’s getting busier every day. He just can’t get enough!

As Victor injects pure love on every single work he does, thanks to music, he exists. Here he imparts his wisdom on some of the most important things he’s learned about life.

Be Kind

You really never know what’s happening on the inside with everyone you meet. We’re all fighting our own battles and facing our own challenges. Don’t be an asshole.

Be Yourself

This one is quite simple but very difficult, I’m still learning how to do it.
You know, we can get easily carried away with all the information we have these days, and sometimes we just forget to be ourselves. We forget our essence.
Please don’t lose your essence. Ever! Learn how to connect with your inner self and you’ll experience bliss.

Appreciate The Journey

The World is running fast, and we work really hard to get where we want to. And that’s ok. What is not ok is to not enjoy this process. Despite of being easy, hard, happy, sad, exciting, painful or whatever… appreciate it. Be thankful. All these experiences are necessary for you to get where you want to, and you’ll learn so much. Enjoy the ride!

Think Outside The Box

There are too many people doing the same stuff already, so be different. Try to find your own thing, your own sound, your own moves. Gather all your influences and twist them, gradually at some point it will become you. There’s only one YOU, so embrace that.

We Know Nothing (!!!)

This is maybe the most valuable item of this list. We always think we know a lot about this and that, work, life, love, etc… The thing is, we have no clue what’s going on. Life is so surprising and unpredictable that in the end of the day we don’t know what will happen, what really is or not.

Acknowledging that is a big step further personal growth and evolution. Always be open to change and to listening.

Victor next plays in the UK at EGG on the 22nd June for a special Warung event. Grab tickets here


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