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Various Artists – Sine Language



Label: Subtitles MusicScore:7/10

Teebee is a busy man. After him and partner in crime Calyx signed themselves to Ram for their All Or Nothing album understandably things got even more hectic. Not only aligning himself with one of the biggest labels in the game as an artist let us not forget that Teebee also runs the hugely influential Subtitles Music imprint. Not wanting to neglect this facet, he’s brought together some of Drum & Bass finest production talent to represent the sound of the label on Sine Language. 

A veritable who’s who from the techier side of the sound, there are contributions from the likes of Ulterior Motive on the stomping ‘Gang Rule’, Ed Rush steps up bringing the gritty Pheromone with him. Xtrah contributes two tracks to the album, ‘Cycles’ and ‘Eradicate VIP’, as does Mark System who dedicates one of them to the boss man himself on the aptly titled Tune For Teebee, a stabby number that harks back to the early Subtitles tech step sound. However its on ‘Goodbye For Now My Love’ where System really shines, as emotive strings, jazzy percussion and weighty sub heavy kicks help get the head to nodding. Elsewhere the always impressive Blocks & Escher get industrial on ‘Slow Wave’, a minimal cut of tribalism, and the ever reliable Break presents which is for me one of the two major standouts of the LP. ‘End Of Time’ rolls heavy as expected, the bleeping kick laden intro building to a face contorting drop driven by drum programming I can only describe as ridiculous. The other? The face meltingly good ‘Wrong’un’ by Stealth. Untold amounts of groove contained within its nasty growling synth work and another track to help his trajectory within D&B which has been steadily increasing as 2013 goes on. 

On the whole a very good compilation with a fair few strong tracks to give it enough weight but some of the tracks, while solid, don’t all particularly jump out at you as more than that. The aforementioned offerings though are definitely enough to give the album a listen and more exploration. 


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