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Various Artists – RFSE002 THE REMIXES


19693_rfse002.jpgLabel: RE:FÜSE RecordsRelease: 8/12/14 

Little is known about ‘Re:Fuse’ other than their desire to be ambiguous. What we do know is that they’re a forward thinking collective who have definitely had experience in the techno game before. ‘001’ was the first (perhaps last?) in the series and was in stores earlier this year and made such an impact, turning heads in the industry with good reason, which involved 3 relentless prints.

The duty of remixing starts off with ‘Sequence 1.1’ in line with the mysterious name, Schreb Jästorf kicks off his interpretation with a driving remix. Full of snappy energetic snares while using the rough stems of the original intact. An uneasy affair with stomach churning low ends thrown aiding the ‘almost-acid’ synths during the break down almost halting to a complete stop before a new path is laid down to follow.

Scan7 chooses to stay true to the iconic bleep synths of the original. The track feels like it is stuck in purgatory, but in a good way. Neither going forwards nor backwards, it sends the listener into a trance. Analog bass stabs combined with haunting pads brings the listener back into an ethereal reality, with elements of the original filtered in and out, it really challenges the journey. Great remix. 

The frantic original of ‘1.2’ has some of it’s edge taken off with a gritty remix from Pacou. A sense of urgency is felt throughout the affair, with a sprint towards an unreachable destination. The struggle can be felt with this one, which is definitely apparent in the original issue. Percussion a plenty and riddled with subtleties make this remix a very welcome take on the former track. 

Finally the master, Terrence Dixon, steps up for the final remix. Dixon’s effort see’s the naive force behind the kick substituted for a subtle variant and leads the listener on a somewhat spooky journey. Think Rrose or Sigha. The beauty of this song being the intelligent transitions throughout and how it would work beautifully as a stand alone track as well as adding missing textures if used throughout a mix. Top drawer stuff from Terrence Dixon as usual.

The original being a big personal favourite, it would have been hard to top, but the added depth of the remixes led me to admire the remixes in their own right as opposed to being remixes. Excellent stuff all around.

Words: Jenagan Sivakuma


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