Various Artists – Malatoid 100

Album Reviews

Malatoid_100_Artwork.jpgLabel: MalatoidScore: 8/10 

Staying ahead of the pack is no easy feat in electronic music. Since 2008, however, the Italian based Malatoid imprint has been busy doing exactly that, putting their stamp on a mightily impressive 99 EPs on a journey that’s been littered with highlights. Their 100th release, Malatoid 100, is a four-track V/A affair that emphasises their liking for contrasting sounds, with a host of the label’s foremost protagonists playing key roles.

Label head Lucio teams up with compatriot Mario Ruggiero for the opening gambit, the quite clearly Detroit influenced, “Tips and Tricks”. The filtered synth riff evokes connotations with vintage Carl Craig, ensuring Malatoid’s centurion release starts with some aplomb.

Italian producer D.Kowalski then goes one better with “Grooving”, an irresistible slice of dance floor bliss made notable for its pulsating drum rhythms, hard-hitting claps and various smile-provoking arpeggios.

The more introspective, melancholic designs of Liebba’s “Ananas Plus” grant the package a luscious, chime-loaded release, before the ying to this yang, Gery Otis’ “Armonix Step” signs off matters with a record that’s crafted on a more brooding, heads down tip. With something for house heads of all persuasions here, Malatoid 100 is a defining release that encapsulates all that this criminally underrated label is all about.