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€urocrat: Dimitri From Paris



For any disco and house heads out there, Dimitri from Paris is somewhat of a hero. His vast knowledge of music is practically unprecedented and his loyalty to the beloved Defected brand has proved unwavering over the past 10 years. This summer has seen him head back to the US for a huge tour as well as test out the custom made soundsystem at Defected’s new home in Ibiza, Booom! Not only that, but he’s also been back in the studio, producing with good friend and  fellow disco lover Aeroplane under the Eurocrats moniker. We pulled up a stool recently with Dimitri to discuss his busy schedule and his huge show up and coming at Egg club, London this month.

First off, how was your latest American tour, was it good to be back?

Of course, I have been touring the US for around 15 years now and naturally there are some special places over there. Its great to have that special following over in the States and all the fans there really relate to my music and what I’m playing so it was  a really enjoyable experience.

Are you pleased to see the US coming back to the forefront of the dance music scene again?

Well its more of a EDM look that is coming through. I mean just look at Las Vegas! I must admit that the whole EDM scene really isn’t my thing but it certainly will generate the youth into taking more notice in regards to electronic music and that can never be a bad thing.

With the scene blowing up in most countries now, everyone seems to be producing. Are you a fan of the technology on offer these days or would you like people to stick to what originally brought production to the forefront?

You know, it really doesn’t bother me. From my point of view there are more people making music nowadays so it’s a lot harder to form that niche and craft that stand out track. However with the new technology available everywhere producers now don’t have a clock ticking over their heads and can be more creative. So there are certainly lots of good things regarding the new technology. However there is also a price to pay when making new music because if someone else has the same plug ins or same loops as you there is little to no exclusivity on the sounds you are creating . 

Being a firm member of Defected, what does the brand mean to you?

Well now I feel it’s the only brand left that is stuck between a niche market and the major market. I like that. Simon (Dunmore) has really stuck to his guns like I have regarding our taste in music. He knows his music and has a great ear for it, as do all the guys at Defected. Me and him are into the same music and vibe whether it be house or disco so working together has always seemed a fun, natural fit. As for the brand, it has been at the forefront of the scene for so long that in itself that has to say something. It may be a cliche but it is all about the music and I love that.

Now Defected has moved to Booom! what are your thoughts on the new club, have you enjoyed the gigs so far this year?

You know I’m really following the parties! The club seems focused on its approach. The parties have been really good as in my opinion it was great to see a club, particularly in Ibiza move away from the normal ‘VIP’ vibe. There is a historic sound system in place in Booom! that was imported from NYC after Pioneer bought the rights to it, so it was great to play on that.

You will also play a special show at Egg club this coming September, do you enjoy playing London, as you seem to get a lot of bookings in the city?

Yeah, I love playing in London; it was the place that really opened my eyes when it comes to house music. I first came over in the late 80’s for the Jazz Cafe and from there it grew. The vibe, history within the city and the musical knowledge it contains is just great.

There must have been changes since you started coming to the UK in the 80’s. How do you think the music scene has adapted and changed?

Well obviously the clubs are the ones that have changed but the spirit has remained the same.I use to play at The End which has sadly closed but I’d say the passion is the same, just coming from a different generation. The clubs may have changed but the atmosphere and knowledge haven’t. Everyone in London and lots of the UK’s other cities know what the party is about and whilst they love you playing tunes they know, they give you the freedom to stir it up with fresh and exciting tracks too. They love something different are very open minded into what they expect from artists.

Do you have any productions in the pipeline you can tell us about?

I’m putting the finishing touches to various pieces of new material. Scheduled for not so distant release are a remix for my Erodiscotique partner DJ Rocca out on File Under Disco, and new Eurocrats material  with my collaborative partner Aeroplane. There are also a few classic disco remixes the pipeline, but I can’t reveal which ones they are now as I don’t want to jinx anything before I get my hands on the tapes… 

Finally what’s next for Dimitri?

I‘m looking forward to playing in Italy soon and have lots of shows planned  across the UK and Europe. I love playing in Europe as I always feel at home so it’ good to be back!

You can catch Dimitri From Paris alongside DJ Pierre at Egg London on 20 September. For more information and tickets click here. For hose of you not lucky enough to be in London on that date check out Dimitri’s superb set from the Brixton Clubhouse for Slide earlier in the year below.


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