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The Upbeats – Alone EP



Label: Vision RecordingsScore: 7/10

New Zealand bass masters The Upbeats cook up a little taster of what you can expect from their soon to be released new album, Primitive Technique, with four cuts served direct to your ears on the Alone EP.

Kicking off with the EP’s title track, Alone is an example of song creation utilising the sonic nous of drum & bass. Blessed by the vocal talents of Tasha Baxter, its opening guitar line is switched for rumbling low end and rim shot snares on the drop. Baxter’s singing haunts on top of the beats, making Alone sound and feel more like emo rock as opposed to dance music. Counteracting this is the Fourward remix, who take the original and warp it into a dance floor monster of hard driving drums and neuro funk bass lines. It’s as heavy as a ton of bricks let me tell you. 

Also featured on here is Beyond Reality, a fierce aural assault on the senses courtesy of arpeggiated synths, pulsing bass stabs and crunching brain-busting snares. That lead synth could cut a sheet of metal in two. Beyond Reality is truly hard as nails. Closing out the show is The Upbeats & Noisia’s collaboration, Clamber. These two are no strangers to working together and have conjured up a surprisingly bouncy stepper. Its weighty kick drum forms the base for scratchy synths to mess about with warped layered bass.

A nice appetiser to which I’m sure is going to be a rather hearty main course of an album, given that it’s being released on Noisia’s Vision imprint. A good balance of dance floor shuddering beats and meticulously crafted music.


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