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A Unique Resonance: 5 Steps With Max Chapman



Max Chapman as a label owner and producer in one that doesn’t generally dwell on the past with his focus firmly on the present and one eye on the future. When we got in touch he was in the studio working in some fresh cuts for his imprint and other labels but happy to reminisce on some of the most crucial and pinnacle moments in the life of Resonance Records. Highlighting shows at Sankeys and Sonar we speak to Max as he gears up for a huge show at Egg London with Resonance with Deniz Kurtel.

The Resonance Records launch party

The Resonance Records launch party at Sankeys in Manchester has to be up there, it was our first ever party not just for the label but ever. We chose Sankeys because the atmosphere had never let me down when I had played there previously, it was always electric and was an image that was permanently lodged in my mind. We showcased No Artificial Colours, Lee Brinx, Clinton Houlker, myself, AJ Christou and Mark Horsey and to our complete surprise, we sold it out and had the club full by 12pm. So many magical moments happened that night, including my first back to back session with No Artificial Colours and our first ever sit down which thinking about it still makes me smile now. Everyone played amazingly well especially Lee Brinx, and we were even made it to carry on playing until around 10am at an after party that we had put on afterwards in a warehouse/basement space. 

Breaking the Beatport top 100

Another moment I will never forget was logging on to Beatport to check whether our first ever release had reached the top 100 yet, I had been checking it daily for about 4 or 5 days, nothing was happening and I wasn’t fully aware of how the charts worked, how many sales were needed and if or when they would appear in the top 100. I opened up the top 100 page to find 6 of the 7 releases in the top 100, I literally jumped out of my chair, I couldn’t believe my eyes! The next day the last track from the sample reached the top 100 and we had charted all 7 of our first ever releases. No Artificial Colours went on to grab a respectable No.3 with Clinton Houlker close by at the No.5 spot and the rest all climbing into the top half of the chart.


Touching down in Sonar

Sonar 2013 was a absolute blinder! We teamed up with our good friends Lee Brinx and Cozzy D who run one of the UK’s coolest labels, Lower East. For this party we chose to use 7 acts, myself, Cozzy D, Lee Brinx, Michael Jansons, Johnny Mikes, No Artificial Colours and WaFF. We had problems with venue changes that were very last minute so we all feared the party was over before it had even started. Around 4pm the punters started to flood in and it evolved into one of the coolest, most perfect sounding parties I’ve ever been too! The sun was shining, we had an outside terrace that held around 300, armed with 2 stacks of Funktion One’s that blew myself and everyone else away that day. Unfortunately, we were shut down during the last slot of the night due to “noise pollution” but if you ask me that’s when you know you’ve got it loud enough!

Going Digital

We recently had a party at Digital in Brighton, it was a Resonance Records Showcase featuring Richy Ahmed, Myself, Mark Jenkyns and Cozzy D and was set to be a stonker of a night as we were all certainly out to party. It started off with Cozzy getting his latest release on Dirtybird played on Radio 1 on the drive up, which got us excited, and from then on everyone that played was outstanding. Of course Richy delivered a usual, he dropped both versions of his remixes that are set for release on Resonance Records In April, he has put his own twist on Michael Jansons ‘Tunnel Vision’ record that I have a feeling is going to be a hit. I’ve also done a remix of the same track which I’m uber excited about!. This party then snowballed into the afters and ended up being one of the best nights we have had in a long time, partying with the best people and listening to amazing music all day Sunday, what more could you ask for? 

The White Isle

Our party at Sankeys Ibiza in June 2013 has to be my favorite. We teamed up with Joe Jackson who is the head honcho at Magna Carta, one of London’s top parties. We were really nervous about putting this party on, it was our first international party and we had no experience or background to work with, fortunately, Joe being a full time promoter, worked his socks off to make sure the party went to plan, he worked so hard to make sure the promo side of things was spot on and without him we would never of had a party at all. Our line up was our best to date, we chose to use Alex Arnout back to back with Adam Shelton, No Artificial Colours, Dale Howard, myself, Wildkats, Balcazar & Sordo & Climbers. Once again to our surprise we were at capacity by around 12am and had to throw a whole club out at 7am. It was a proud moment for myself, Joe, AJ and Mark and a moment we will never forget.Resonance Records next release is out in April and its from Mark Jenkyns, along with remixes from Dj Le Roi and Baade, check it out below:  

Resonance Records next party is at Egg London on the 7th of March featuring Deniz Kurtel, Francesca Lombardo, Pleiades and Max Chapman. Tickets are available below: 

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