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UNER: Flowing Emotions



This last year has surely been the best in UNER’s career, reaching lofty positions in the many of the key tastemakers end of year polls, but this year it looks to be even stronger for one of the most important artists to emerge from Spain in recent years. Since bursting onto the scene in 2009 Uner has developed a close working relationship with Solomun’s Diynamic Music label, releasing four EPs and becoming a regular fixture at their parties in Ibiza and beyond. The label puts out Uner’s debut LP Tune432 this month so we caught up with the man himself to find out more about it… 

Hey Uner, thanks for taking the time out to talk to us. I wanted to start by asking you about the album. How long did it take? How did you find the process?

The album is an extension of UNER. I felt the need to express myself, without limiting the amount of tracks or styles. And that’s what I did. I also have collaborations with musicians that have inspired and touched me very much.

It’s been a recording process of almost a year. Almost 90% of the work has been composed out of the studio, since my idea was to expose myself to the influence of the different places I’ve visited through the months of recording. I’ve tried to find inspiration in the tours and the different cities I’ve visited and it’s been an amazing experience for me. Still, during the creative process, we gathered a total of 22 tracks, of which these 13 have been chosen for this album.

Was working on an album a far greater task then you imagined? How satisfied with it were you upon its release?

It’s been actually more gratifying than I expected. I guessed it was going to be lots of fun and excitement both at a personal and professional level, but I must admit that all expectations have been surpassed by far. I’ve learnt loads during the process, I’ve met incredible people and I’ve got to know myself better, mainly as an artist. I could say that working on the album has opened doors that seemed not to be there before. I’m 300% satisfied.

Were you more apprehensive about it as you would say, an EP? Or are you generally confident in your productions once they’ve been mastered?

I’m usually very thoughtful around all my work. That “mystery” makes the audience get into the process with you. Of course my crew has listened to it before everyone else, but they didn’t do so before the work was 100% complete. For me, the album tells a whole story, it’s not just 13 loose tracks that make no sense if listened to separately. It’s like a good book: if you only read a middle chapter you’ll probably won’t understand anything and won’t be able to capture the real thread behind the story. In fact, it’s the same for me with EPs, since even though they aren’t as long, for me all of them have their story and make much more sense in their entirety.

The album is out on Diynamic, a label you’ve been closely aligned with over the years. Why was the label the best place for it?

Diynamic was the first label where I released 4 years ago, and in order to complete a cycle and make way for the next one, I wanted to release my first album with the label that saw my “birth” and with the people I’ve been working side by side during these very intense years. Also, both my manager Alex Montoya and me value loyalty above all and we had no better way to give thanks. 

That’s refreshing to hear in the mercenary times. Am I correct in thinking that the album is quite a diverse listen? What DJ, producers and musicians influenced you when you were making it?

Yes, and the answer is really easy. The album is my history for the last year, my feelings, my meetings. Whose life is so monotonous that every day is exactly like the day before? I think nobody is in the same mood every day, not even during the same day. That’s why it’s emotionally varied, but complete as a whole and most of all natural, since there have been no limits whatsoever. I’ve tried to not let myself be influenced by no one and make my music and what I felt completely, with no thougth for artists nor trends, tops, etc. I think it’s an album that’s 100% UNER.


Did you go into the studio knowing what you were going to work on every day? Or was there a lot of experimenting involved? 

For me, improvising is an important part of art. Thanks to it you can better let flow your emotions. It’s been so in this case. I just started making music, with no other thought or pretension. Just expressing myself. Also, the fact of working a great part of the album on the road helped me develop this side.

You’re from Spain, but did you get out clubbing much as a kid? What was it like then? 

Not too much… I have been studying and working on my music since I was 15 years old, but I tried to listen the most well known artists when they came close to my home. But the underground scene in Lleida or around where I live is not so big so was not easy to do this. But we had some great clubs like Florida135 or festival like Monegros where you could see the best line ups. 

Do you still go out clubbing these days then? Or do you steer club of clubs when you’ve a day off?

If I’m honest, when I have and off day, I close the door of my place and throw the key out the window to not go out! (laughs) I usually haven’t got many free days, but if there’s something interesting happening I try to go, and not only to clubs, but to theatres, concerts, movies and the like. 

Another label you worked with recently is Cecille. How long do you know Nick? How did you guys first meet? 

I met Nick Curly in Ibiza a couple of times some years ago, at the airport. But it was through e-mail (actually like with all the artists I know) where we contacted each other more directly. I had some finished works that I thought he would be interested in, I wrote to him and he answered very kindly, like he is, and that’s how our relationship started. We’ve afterwards met frequently and it’s always a laugh. He’s a great guy! And I love collaborating with him and his crew.

So have you been a fan of the label for years before you produced on it? Was picking the tracks a straight-forward task?

Yes, of course. I follow many labels, Cecille among them. I was also a fan of Diynamic before releasing with them 4 years ago for the first time and look now at them now! Or Visionquest, or Cocoon… And every time I like a label or an artist I like to get in contact and why not? It’s great to work with these guys and luckily enough I’ve been supported by all of them. I feel I’m a lucky person.

What one track could you simply not leave out of the mix?

Definitely Laurent Garnier’s classic The Man With The Red Face!

Tell us about something you have coming up…

New stuff will be published also in the next months through Visionquest, Darkroom Dubs which are original tracks on each label and Snatch which is a remix for Riva Starr with an amazing guitar melody that I worked on. There’s  also a new label we’re working on. We are trying to work hard on it and the idea is start releasing on the new label before the summer. We are on it!

What do you like to do away from music?

I love to be at home, relax, family, friends. I love to read, and feeling out of the business when I have some free dates. Enjoy normal life, after the crazy weekends!

Uner’s Album ‘Tune 432’ is out now on Diynmaic and London based fans can catch him at Egg London on March 1st as part of his Album tour. Tickets are available below: 

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