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UK Festival Guide 2018


There is no-one more dedicated than a UK Festival fan. We stand rooted in the rain to see our favourite acts, pitch up tents in questionable fields and often pay through the roof for a weekend away in the middle of nowhere. There is no denying our passion for music and even more so our addiction to the immersive worlds that have engulfed the live music scene. No longer are we stood in our wellies drinking over-priced lager from a plastic cup as someone waves a gigantic flag in front of our face, we have become a part of the festival itself. With so many to choose from and festival season extending from May far into September, there is no need to look further afield.

If you’re like us and the number of festivals there is makes it an impossible choice, we have also included links to the reviews from the festivals we attended last year to help you choose which ones you want to go to.

Go to the next page to see our top tips for packing and getting involved and making the most of the short time (it will fly by!) you have at these amazing events!