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Turning Points: Archie Hamilton



What are the plans for the sister label? How was it conceived?

We started Moscow Records in 2009 and the first year we were pressing vinyl, though I don’t think we were with the right distributor at the time. We were young and foolish, and we didn’t quite do it right. Financially it wasn’t very successful so we had to stop pressing and we just released digitally to recoup some money. That’s always slightly killed us inside, and consequently we’ve decided the time is right to start a new a new project, not vastly different from what we’re doing now, but something that we hope will really stand out. It’s called Moss Co. and the first releases should be coming out around the end of November. The first release is a VA, with tracks from me, Ferro, Hozoc and AM. I’m really excited about it; I’ve got serious belief in this project, and the artists I’m working with. The first few will be VAs to introduce the family – guys like Loopdeville, OdD, Andreas Bergmann and others – then we’ll look at doing EPs. We’re describing it as ‘intelligent underground music, focused around minimalistic combinations of groove and emotion….’

The first snippets from your debut Moss Co. release are now available on Soundcloud and they sound fantastic. It’s a VA with tracks from you and others, as mentioned. One artist that you’ve worked alongside numerous times is Stathis Lazarides, you also DJ with him from time to time. What’s the dynamic like between you both?

It’s funny that one because we have a really amazing connection, and we did pretty much from the outset. It’s very natural. Not that I know what he’s going to play next but we have a lot of intuition. I can confidently plan 3 or 4 tracks in advance, which you can’t do with everyone. Production-wise, every time I’ll start a loop or start a track and send it to him, when it comes back it always has his fantastic signature and it’s really easy to get into. We are also very honest with our opinions, which is so important.

So you’re seeing your personal time vanishing quite rapidly.

It’s really hard at the moment, but I’m not complaining. I work for a big American corporate during the week. I can’t take sick days; I can’t afford to be off my game. Recently for example, I played our [anon.] agency showcase in Birmingham, and the train home was cancelled. I didn’t go to bed on Saturday night, I didn’t get home until midnight on Sunday and then I had to go into the office on Monday morning. That’s happening almost every weekend now, I’m in Ibiza next week, then I’m in Serbia… July and August I was in a different country every weekend and still having to be in the office on Monday and it’s really getting tough. It is probably a bit of a gamble, but I’m going to give music my full attention towards the end of the year. I listened to Enzo Siragusa’s RA Exchange and his point was that if you want to do this you have to give it your full attention. I had the same conversation with Guti and he said “you have to leave your job now and go for music”, he said it’s like being gay and coming out; you have to be honest with yourself that you are a musician.

So have you set out some clear goals for how you want your career to progress?

I’m thinking about spending some time in Ibiza next summer. I don’t know if London is maybe too expensive to live in as an artist at this stage in my career. I’m thinking of maybe moving somewhere different next winter. Possibly Berlin, I’m not sure. These are all just thoughts that I’m discussing with a few friends at the moment. In terms of goals, I want to be playing as much as possible, making as much music as possible and devoting more time to the label. Basically the aim is total submersion! 

The first release of Archie’s new label Moss Co. is due out soon.  Keep an eye on the Facebook page for more news and updates.


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