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The Tribes Festival – Paris, France



It’s safe to say the Parisian music scene had been somewhat of a slow  burner in the past couple of years – that slow burner though backdrafting some of the finest in the house and techno genres respectfully. Of course Apollinia, The Rex and Social clubs have been flying the flag and underground Paris has been toying with us throwing down some amazing cuts, however it was the festival this past weekend that really took my breath away.

The birth of The Tribes Festival just on the outskirts of the capital had a heathy selection and well programmed attack of artists with Pappa Sven, Nina Kraviz, Guy Gerber, Andre Crom, Tobi Neumann and more all taking centre stage in the basking heat. Without any further ado we landed right at the pinnacle as the main Fire stage, which was under a huge glass construction, was going off. If you think the size of a football field you’re probably on the right track with a bustling VIP area to compliment, which was big enough to host a smaller stage in its own right.

As we ventured round and did a mini tour and got to grips with the decor and lay out, we stumbled across Andre Crom who performed the Earth stage, which was rather smaller than its predecessor. With it being an early set, Andre would have been a tad disappointed although he delivered a warming set which didn’t lack any thought or prowess, and built things up nicely. Underground Quality boss Jus Ed followed on back at the main stage with a crowd pleasing blend of old school sounds with some fresh hits off his latest LP.

Magda tuned up with a variation of moody techno which set the tone for the early evening. As the audience started to fill to capacity it was evident that everyone was in the zone for a monstrous evening ahead. There were minor gripes that the sound leaked out of the building, echoing and causing a stir but it was a most minor complaint. The finely tuned festival stacks otherwise performed to the highest level and certainly left the pleased onlookers wanting more.


The Saturday in Paris, saw locals even hyped to create as much noise around the city as possible with a series of events not linked to the festival running across the day. We whole heartily joined in and came across the Hip-Hop Golden Era in the Marais. The convieniently situated location had a series of house dubbed bars all portraying the finest from our the genre. There was even time to stop and see the samba band performing at the epicenter of the street. We then set our sights back to The Tribe Fest for the second outing. This time we caught double act Benoit & Sergio create a devilish array of techno, basking in the system’s large bass heavy subs. Melody and bitter acid stabs married well with the aforementioned slabs which in turn made out for one of the sets of the entire festival. 

German techno pioneer DJ Koze also raised the energy levels on The Earth stage with an expertly blended selection of house and techno. He performed a vastly more underground set than when I recently saw him at Pacha in Ibiza which was to his credit as this crowd far more open to experimentation. Enthused and happy Koze never fails to deliver musically or otherwise.

Racing back to see Guy Gerber who has been making huge waves with his P.Diddy collaboration had an untimely accident as the track was removed from his arsenal due to a drink being spilled all over it. After a lot of hustling Guy finally got going but what should have been one of his finest hours was let down by more technical problems. Nina Kraviz had no such bad luck though as her groovy brand of hands in the air techno got the crowd back on side as she portrayed her famous dance behind the booth which is enough to get anyone in sync. Our evening had to be ended with Sven himself – he never has anything but happiness pouring from his veins, always has a smile, always wants to chat or take a picture and more to the point always wants to deliver on the grandest of stages. He did so offering a raw deep, smooth and sultry sound, often effortlessly may I add, as his mixing is seriously tight. If there was a perfect way to end a festival it is undoubtedly by watching the daddy of techno himself.

Until next time Paris!


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