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Traktor Audio 2



is the new ultra-portable DJ soundcard from NI, which allows you to use Traktor DJ & Traktor Pro 2 direct from your laptop, IPhone, IPad with a simple connection.  The small device, slim enough to fit in your pocket is ready to go straight from the box, with no set-up.  We have been impressed by the superb sound quality the device deliver even using it simply as a soundcard using ITunes, the increased resolution from the 24-bit processes has really given a boost to our Data Transmission podcasts as they pump around DT Towers during the day!When you are ready for a mix, the Audio 2 splits the two Traktor decks in to separate audio channels with out to a mixer or one for speakers/headphone so you can mix directly from your laptop. Perfect for those simpler early morning after-party set-ups!This is not to say we think this is a perfect product with a massive downside being that as IPhone 5s/IPad Air users we didn’t get a chance to test these features as it doesn’t come with the new connector for these devices and only with the previously larger Apple connector. Overall though we were suitably impressed with the Audio 2 and think it’s a great addition DJs and music fans alike due to its small size and ease of use. When you then factor in the Audio 2”s very competive price point, we think this definitely a product worth investing in. 


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