Tough Love – Girls Fake It

Single Reviews

Tough_Love.2_1.jpgLabel: Lucid DreamingScore: 7/10 

Up and coming British pair Tough Love have been doing their reputation no harm at all of late, with releases on Sleazy Deep and future instalments on Love Not Money testament to the fact. Their release of most recent concern, however, is the ‘Girls Fake It’ EP on Oz imprint Lucid Dreaming; a three-track outing that’s as energy loaded as it is smile inducing.

First up is ‘I Don’t Want to Fake It’. Indeed, going through the motions is evidently not a part of the duo’s modus operandi, as they instead opt for an electro, synth heavy styled approach that harks back to the 1980s. The attention grabbing lyrics are just as camp and colourful as that musical decade too.

‘I Don’t Want to Love’ is slightly more portent, with this one sure to go down a hit with fans of Boys Noize’s turbo-charged fare. Culminating effort ‘It’s a Girl Thing’ then opts for another vocal heavy approach, with this one even less child-friendly than ‘I Don’t Want to Fake It’. Sure, it’s far from subtle, but it’s sure to go down a storm nonetheless.