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Art Basel

Miami is Art Basel’s Western Hemisphere home-base. Every Winter, the city’s art district is swarmed with countless art aficionados of all mediums, making Wynwood the place to be this holiday season. While there are some truly fascinating visual displays that we will be sure to enjoy once the one-of-a-kind celebration kicks off, we are here to tell you about the most FOMO inducing parties of the week.

The importance placed on forward thinking art and fashion by festival goers causes a ripple effect that affects the club scene in a way that I find quite refreshing; every venue eschews the mainstream and brings the most in-vogue acts of the year to provide the soundtrack for their patrons. Here are the club-nights you cannot miss!

Justin Shamlou

Raised on a steady staple of Dance Music compilations, I discovered House and Techno through the likes of Armand Van Helden and Carl Cox as a toddler. As a teenager in the SF/Bay Area, I discovered the world of raves and clubs and my passion for the music grew exponentially. Now, I live in Miami, run the Underground Dance Music blog playhous.net, and co-manage the Bass label Bunkr Music.

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