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Tony Rodriguez, Dave Ellesmere – Black Ops 1


Label: BV Black
Release: September 2014

Brothers Vibe might not hog the limelight like some of his east coast pals, but that’s not to say he’s any less talented than his contemporaries. On the contrary, the NJ native is very often talked up as a massively influential figure when it comes to US house and on his most recent outing on his own BV Black label, we’re reminded just why he’s so revered in the house music world. Entitled Black Ops 1, the release is a fitting indication not only of where Rodriguez is at musically, but also of a man whose music always seems one step ahead of the game.

Releasing under his real name, Tony Rodriguez, this one might just be the man’s best work in years, as he goes back to his roots in his own discerning and inimitable way. ‘Black 3a’ shows us his distinct flavour for clever drums, but the EP really gets going around the turn of ‘Black 3b’; a release that wouldn’t sound out of place in an Anthony Parasole or Luke Hess set. A curious and ominous soundscape abounds, but what really sets this one off is the tension in the air. Really magical stuff.

German producer Dave Ellesmere tackles ‘Rblack 2dc’ and makes a political statement in the process, and while the lyrics have their place, it’s the bubbling bassline for which this one will be remembered. The haunting but enchanting strands of ‘Black3c’ wave us goodbye in an almost nostalgic-inducing manner. Nearly every facet of Brothers Vibe’s music outlet is explored here, making this one an EP that you’re sure to reach for long after this summer is out.

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