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Wrong Assessment & Max_M – Toe Tag EP



Label: Parachute

Release: 12/01/2015

Life and Death’s sister label, Parachute is ready to drop it’s second track with Max_m and Wrong Assessment teaming up..

The title track ‘Toe Tag’ sets the ep out with some dubbed out synths sitting on top of some gung-ho, amped kick drums. Not giving too much away too quickly, there is a sense of leading with eerily placed hi hats to accompany the spook factor. Reminiscent of Milton Bradley, the depth of the track really carries the track with precise layering. A surprisingly easy on the ears track considering the power behind the kicks!

Keeping with the moody theme, ‘Nose Out’ keeps this dark. Nice hearty kicks as a foundations, the original groove is simple and hypnotising. The track is ready to bring out the tribal instinct in the listener or dancer and maintains mesmerising throughout. A track that takes multiple listens to bring out it’s full character.

Finally ‘Scaphoid’ is the out and out dance floor track. A lot more funk than the previous, a groovy gritty bassline takes the lead with a nice set of drum work working alongside. From the off the urgency of the track can be recognised thanks to a few scapes building the tension. Nice shifts in focus throughout.

Words: Jenagan Sivakuma


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