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Tips for DJs to Improve Their Health & Fitness


As a former DJ who navigated the demanding nightlife scene, I’ve learned crucial lessons about maintaining health amidst the chaos. Here are my personal strategies for fellow DJs aiming to enhance their health through discipline, whole foods, movement, and the practice of fasting.

The Importance of Discipline

Having a disciplined approach to life is essential, especially with the irregular schedules that come with DJing. Discipline is about making conscious, health-focused choices. It means preparing meals in advance, choosing sleep over another late night when possible, and carving out time for exercise despite a hectic day. It’s these decisions that help you maintain control and support your well-being.

Choosing Whole Foods

In an environment where quick and easy is the norm for eating, opting for whole foods can significantly benefit your performance and health. Whole foods, which are minimally processed and free from additives, provide cleaner energy sources that enhance stamina, focus, and immune function. Simple changes, like selecting fruits, nuts, or vegetables over processed alternatives, can have profound effects on how you feel and engage with your work.

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Consistent Movement

For DJs, finding time for exercise can be challenging but integrating movement into your routine is crucial. This doesn’t necessarily mean structured workouts—consider stretching before a performance, using breaks to fit in short bursts of exercise, or staying active behind the decks. Regular physical activity improves both physical stamina and mental clarity, enhancing your overall performance.

The Role of Fasting

I’ve incorporated fasting into my health regime with great results. Fasting isn’t only about managing weight—it also helps sharpen focus, reduce inflammation, and regulate the body’s eating schedule, which can be particularly beneficial given our often erratic lifestyle. Implementing a fasting schedule might help you manage late-night eating habits and improve your metabolic health.

By adopting these practices, you can significantly improve your health, which in turn, can enhance your career longevity and personal satisfaction. Taking care of your body and mind is critical in sustaining your performance both on and off the stage.

In just three years, Willers Fitness has grown into a global force, changing lives in 20 countries. Boasting online clients across 14 different countries, including the USA, Malta, Uganda, and the Netherlands. As of June 2022, I went full-time to focus on growing my business.

My story proves that with resilience and determination, anyone can overcome adversity and achieve greatness.

It’s never too late to start.

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