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Timo Maas – Watching The Robots EP


timo-maas-watching-robots-ep-e1400922727150.jpgLabel: My Favorite RobotScore: 9/10

Timo has been pulling out forward-flying cerebral techno stonkers for years and now trailers his upcoming Crossing Wires compilation with a pair of luminescent forays into the ever-deepening nether-world currently sorting out the men from the boys in minimal.

MFR has been at the forefront of this cutting edge for years and is unleashing a catalogue peak as Timo’s title track slides in on a groaning undertow of alien drone frequencies and arcane static, congealing into spectral pulses and muted future-funk.

Teaming up with Santos, he takes it to even deeper levels of heady subterranean intoxication on ‘Z Panorama, complemented by a supremely atmospheric MFR remix, who up the tempo and add extra-terrestrial new melodies and widescreen soundtrack dynamics.

The delirious polar opposite to the One Direction tactics infesting what’s currently getting presented as techno on Ibiza and a monumental slice of groundbreaking electronic gold.

Words: Kris Needs


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