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Tiga Versus DJ Hell: Exit Festival World Cup Special



 An unequivocal industry visionary, DJ Hell’s career has embodied and then transcended his many guises: Anti-Superstar DJ, International DeeJay Gigolo Label Boss, GQ Man of the Year, Playboy, Jetsetter, Bon Viveur, Munich Machine, New York Muscle.  Then there is Tiga. The scene joker who has been at the vanguard of electronic music since the early 90s, rising through the ranks of his hometown in Montreal, Canada, with his seminal Turbo Records this year celebrating its 15th anniversary of releasing music.

Famous for blending his natural inclinations as a pop vocalist with an underground dance edge, Tiga cemented his high profile in the previous decade with crossover smashes like Sunglasses at Night and Pleasure From The Bass, somewhat a quirky leader of the new electro movement. He’s held his presence as one of the most funny and irreverent DJs using Twitter, and this was showcased in fine form at last years Amsterdam Dance Event  when he hosted a “World according to… Tiga” alongside Seth Troxler and Matthew Dear. Discussing the increasing ‘industrialisation’ of the dance music industry, a sense of humour was never far away.  

Thus when we invited these two to ask the questions as well as give the answers we were unsure as to what to expect. Would any music get discussed? With both artists slotted in to deliver hotly anticipated performances at this years Exit Festival in Serbia we thought the time was right to welcome them to the pages of DT to provide the latest installment of our versus series. Normally the only time England fans exit and world cup in the same sentence is after being on the wrong end of another penalty shootout loss but being a World Cup year the focus in this interview seems to have drifted towards football so read on to find out Hell’s feelings on Pep Guardiola’s time at Bayern Munich, which football club Tiga wants to buy and who he thinks will win the World Cup!

DJ Hell For Tiga 

Whats your favorite soccer player of all time and why?

As you know I was a bit late to the football party, but as a kid I liked Claudio Caniggia. I loved his hair and his style, and I always liked the guys that were kinda number 2 to the obvious star. I liked the “other” guy. Over the past years I think my fave is Xavi; thats how I play in my mind, and I like to pass. The beauty of unlocking a game: seeing something nobody else sees. I must say most of my favourite players are Argentine: Ortega, Riquelme etc… I see myself as an “enganche” 

Who’s your top team or say top 3 teams for the world cup in Brazil? 

I think Brazil has to be the clear favorite. The way they handled Spain in the Confederations cup: they were fast, aggressive and dangerous. They have the usual scoring, but also a tough midfield and even a great defence. I still think Spain have a great team and up until  being unfortunate with some bad injuries, I felt Belgium had a magic generation going with so many incredible players. 

What about the national Canadian soccer team ? We don’t know much about it here in Europe. 

Not much to talk about. In Canada all they really care about is ice hockey. Kids play soccer, but usually by a young age the best athletes are all heading for ice hockey. There is very little coaching in soccer, and it’s tough for kids to develop. It is getting better slowly. In Montreal we have a very big football community, with so many immigrant communities: Italian, Portuguese, etc. so its big, but not pro.

When will you start or buy your own team like David Beckham?

Yes, this is a dream! I always think that Hertha Berlin would make a good investment: a major European capital with a very underdeveloped team. We should make this a goal: me and you! The truth is that it’s probably a bit of a nightmare. My real dream is to PLAY. I just want to play every day. Play football all day. Studio at night. A few parties. Simple.


Tiga For DJ Hell 

OK, so who is YOUR favorite football player ever. Stefan Effenberg? [Laughs]

He was a strong and great player but the best player ever was Gerd Müller . 

I know you are a big Bayern supporter: how did you feel about Pep’s first season, and how did you feel about the meltdown against Real? 

I was at the stadium when Real beat us 0:4. It was one of the worst losses ever. After winning 53 games in a row Bayern seemed nearly unstoppable this season but suddenly they stopped playing and Pep made some big mistakes when we played the biggest game of the season! Pep is a genius coach and he changed the game with Barcelona but here in Bavaria there is a different mentality and different way of playing the game. 

Gigolo Records is still one of the most magical labels ever: is it possible to pick a true favorite release? One that meant the most to you?

I always think of when I heard you play every track on Vitalic’s Poney EP on white label at U60! So Thanks Tiga, you were one of the artists who made it happen and helped gigolo into the spotlight.

Sometimes when I think back it feels kind of surreal what happened with the label and inside the clubs. My favorite releases was Tuxedomoon and Dopplereffekt and of course Bobby Konders . But my formula was always that the next release is the most important. Vitalic was powerful and new – he was a true innovator . 

Was THAT party at Moog Club at Sonar Barcelona in 2002 (or 2003) the best party ever? Was Aphex Twin REALLY next to us in the DJ booth? Was it all a dream?

Yeah Aphex Twin was there, Jeff Mills was there, you played, Traxx played, 2 Many DJs played, Romina Cohn played and I did some records. Miss Kittin played, Trevor Jackson played…and at the end of the night I found myself in the hospital. I think this was one of the most out of control party’s I’ve ever played, truly legendary!

I love Munich, and I know it is your original home: what is your favorite place to spend a day in Munich? 

I’ll go out with the bike during the summertime and visit restaurants and cafes or bars and biergardens .You can also swim in the rivers and do any kind of sports you love.

Tiga and DJ Hell both play Serbia’s Exit Festival on July 10-13. More information and tickets are available at www.exitfest.org/en


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