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A-Town-Called-Paradise-Album-Cover.jpgLabel: Musical Freedom/ PM:AM/UniversalScore: 7/10 

Albums – every music fan loves a new album release and when they are released by the Godfather of trance, Tiesto, it only makes it even more worth waiting for. The Dutch guru has rapidly changed his style behind the decks since his rejuvenation as an EDM artist back in 2009. His chilly yet breathtaking release Kaleidoscope seems a distant yet fond memory having now embraced guitars and pianos transforming the trance icon into a slightly more commercial figure. 

The calculating crowd pleaser now brings a new album to his loyal followers this summer as he takes us to A Town Called Paradise. This Republic Records debut sees Tiesto release eighteen immense tracks featuring Krewella and Matthew Koma further highlighting the potential for success of the album. Now let’s visit A Town Called Paradise

The opening track on this impressive release is entitled Red Lights. It is an excellent choice for the first record on his new album as it promotes what Tiesto is all about – the energy, the atmosphere and most importantly, the passion for EDM. His second track Footprints also maintains the EDM presence whilst Light Years Away is quite sad at first, however when the drop happens, Tiesto has the power to change my mood from sad to happy – simply magical. 

The album title A Town Called Paradise is the fourth record on this incredible release. It includes ear pleasing vocals by the lead singer of alt-bro band American Authors. This track is all about shouting out everything that is positive in life. The melodic tones and happy conclusions make this record enjoyable to listen to. Hardwell and Matthew Koma then link up with Tiesto on Written In Reverse which is another EDM crossover from Koma. A complextro breakdown occurs part way through the track and really allows EDM addicts to get lost in the moment. I was a fan of Echoes which featured Andreas Moe – you may be familiar with the vocals from Fade Into Darkness by Avicii. Last Train features the first female vocals on the album with kudos being accredited to Ladyhawke, a genuine treasure to listen to.

The biggest record off the album so far, Wasted, featuring Matthew Koma will be recognised the most by a generalised audience. This is mainly because of it’s chart success and recent fame scoring high with all youngsters living it up on their clubbing holidays. The video is definitely worth a watch and it features an intriguing breakdown towards the end of the song. Tiesto goes even more commercial with Let’s Go as he teams up with Icona Pop for this track. It has found fame through commercials and live premiere of Ultra. The Feeling featuring Ou Est Le Swimming Pool takes you on a wonderful journey whilst Shimmer is similar to the other tracks but possesses an orchestral background to it.

The next track on the album, Rocky, shares The Final Countdown melody providing a huge drop on the thirty second stage in the track. Quilla allows Tiesto fans to get indulged within the moment with some inspirational and very unique vocals to the song. Set Yourself Free featuring Krewella is a tasty addition to this album release as the Krewella sisters add something different with their ground shaking voices thus the song is right to the point with instant drops at the introduction of the song. 

MOTi and Denny White worked with Tiesto on Don’t Hide Your Light. This record was a fine addition to this scintillating album and would’ve benefited Denny White immensely. The first background break is included on the sixteenth track, Calling On Angels, which features Fred Falke and Elan Lea. The most stylistic track on the album is Can’t Forget featuring Dzeko and Torres. It possesses an intriguing mixture of builds such as house line bass with some awesome hardcore drops and elements.

The album is finally closed with Take Me as Tiesto teams up with Kyler England – it has an extremely catchy and addictive chorus and concludes Tiesto’s latest album in clinical fashion. We have now arrived at our destination – a town called paradise.

Words: Matty Adams  


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