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The Neverdogs walk us through their ‘Details’ LP


The Neverdogs is a story about talent and passion which began in 2000 in Florence when Tommy Paone met Marco De Gregorio: two DJs originally from Catanzaro who had begun their careers separately in the early 90s. The pairing quickly became a rising act of note, touring their native Italy and featuring across a host of the country’s most notable clubs, including Cocorico (Rimini), Tenax (Florence) and Docshow (Bologna) to name just a few.

With 2019 now in full swing, the duo have brought Bamboleo back to London via a series of monthly showcases at 93 Feet East with guests including Oxia, Stacey Pullen, wAFF and Nathan Barato, whilst launching the label courtesy of their ‘Underground Activity EP’ in mid-February, gaining notable support from both international media and industry heavyweight’s in the process.

Their ‘Details’ is out on Bamboleo Records, which they said “We decided to call our first album ‘Details’ as it encapsulates what this series is all about. We were paying particular attention to the details whilst creating all the tracks. We collaborated with the musician Davide Ruberto aka Forty-seven. The singer Spencer Kennedy, son of the former drummer of Imagination (English band from the 80’s).”

We asked them to walk us through each track on the album.

1. Bull Terrier

Just as any great album, it starts with a two-minute intro made of electronic sounds – you can actually hear Bull Terrier puppies whining and barking in the background. Together with synths and bass, they create a mysterious and quirky atmosphere. The Bull Terrier is also our logo.

2. Virus Love

The second track of the album is a continuation of the intro with the addition of groove-driven breakbeats. We immediately fell in love with the sounds when we tried the Virus synthesiser, hence the title ‘Virus Love’.

3. Wonder Land Feat. Spencer Kennedy

We continue with broken rhythms and similar sounds used in the previous tracks here but change things up with different keys and on-going bass variations. We had a blast in the studio recording with Spencer Kennedy, his vocals create such a cool and almost sexy vibe which makes this track addictive.

4 . Dance Moves

Here is where the beat starts going up. When we finished producing this track we found ourselves dancing around the studio with our friends, that’s where the name comes from.

5. Don’t You Let Go

With this track, we enter the dance floor with warmer sounds. The track is a collaboration of our friend, musician and fellow producer Davide Ruberto aka Forty-seven, who has been working with us over 15 years. We included beautiful melodies and vocals that remind us of the 90s, this track takes us back to the beginning of our career in Italy.

6. Volca

In this track, we used the Volca Keys, a small Korg synthesiser that allowed us to create a hypnotic and engaging sound, supported by a contemporary and modern percussive groove that remains energetic and upbeat throughout.

7. Details

For the groove, we used the Roland TR-08, and we created the sounds by running a voice through the microKORG. This rolling track was the very first one made in the studio when our journey began, which is the reason why it carries the name of this album that represents our history.

8. Ducks From Mars

The happy and playful sounds we created while working on the synth transported us to a cartoon dream. Our studio turned into a shuttle, we became astronauts and our journey to Mars started. Once we landed, we found ourselves in a festival dancing with ducks! In many occasions, inspiration comes from crazy fantasies, in any and all artistic fields.

9. Sin Parar

We wanted to recreate that fast-paced, energetic and, if you will, hypnotic rhythm that we love to include in our sets. ‘Sin Parar’ means ‘don’t stop’ in Spanish, and we couldn’t describe the feeling of this track any better!

10. Patroncito

The image and that we pictured when producing ‘Patroncito’, was a huge day party on the beach with millions of people, amazing summer vibes and a banging sound system.

11. Space Dog

This is a continuation of our imaginary journey in ‘Ducks From Mars’. Floating through space in a bubble, dancing in the middle of an audience of ducks on Mars to non-stop, hypnotic rhythms.

12. Analogic Minds

The soul of this track is a fusion between New Wave, Pop and English electronic music. We wanted to pay tribute to bands that have influenced us and played an important part in our artistic and musical growth such as Depeche Mode and Simple Minds, to mention a few.

13. Ready For Love Feat. Spencer Kennedy

We always had the idea in mind to finish the album with a track that represented our 80s Pop music influences, using Spencer Kennedy’s voice once again. It’s funny how we met and started working together: Marco was driving in Ibiza with our friend from London Tony. Spencer was on the street and Tony stopped to give him a ride as he knew him. He introduced him as a singer so Marco asked him straight away to go to the studio to record. Spencer really liked the idea and that’s how everything started, in typical Ibiza style, impromptu and spontaneous.

Neverdogs ‘Details’ LP is out on Bamboleo now, purchase: https://fanlink.to/Details 

Grahame Farmer

Grahame Farmer’s love affair with electronic music goes back to the mid-90s when he first began to venture into the UK’s beloved rave culture, finding himself interlaced with some of the country’s most seminal club spaces. A trip to dance music’s anointed holy ground of Ibiza in 1997 then cemented his sense of purpose and laid the foundations for what was to come over the next few decades of his marriage to the music industry.

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