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TEED – Get Lost VI



Label: Crosstown RebelsScore: 7/10 

Now in its sixth series, Crosstown Rebels invites listeners again to experience the more peripheral and unexpected choices of its newest conductor, Orlando Higginbottom, AKA Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED). He stated, “I couldn’t think of a better home for my first DJ comp mix or whatever they’re called. Get Lost is a brilliant series with an intriguing past (and future). I’m very grateful to Damian [Lazarus] and Crosstown Rebels for the opportunity, and excited for people to hear it.” Released 8 July 2013 on Crosstown Rebels label, the calculated compilation features two discs of hand-picked tracks. The first, of which, plays to his eclectic disposition, with the latter bringing us down from the attic to the dancefloor, where we’re most familiar.

Disc 1 is a opportunity for TEED to delve into the depths of his musical preferences. Many of the chosen songs, eclectic as they are, seem quite intensely devoted to themselves. The instruments and the volume of each seem amplified compared to tracks that better lend themselves to an easy, transitioning set. There are, however, the obvious recurring tribal/jungle elements you’d expect from the man. It begins with Flako’s ‘Honey Drips’, an experimental track that sounds like a the spawn of a three-way between SBTRKT, Four Tet, and BonoboAxel Boman’s ‘Kilnnsmann’ administers some soulful house vocals and a blaring horn, pervading the background. It’s a great track, but a very loud track. The absolute hero of the disc though wouldd be the Casino Times remix of ‘Comeback’ by Christophe. The track hits the ground running, blaring, and beckoning you in. It rises and rises and lands onto another level, where steel pans and rattling claps send smug shivers down your spine. This, all paired with a rounded bassline and some beyond good vocals repeating, “I need your love.” Another top selection, ‘Dance 2 Da House’ by Kenny Glasgow doles out a great bassline, bouncy drums, and a nice and sinister overtone. Also worthy of mention, Gold Panda serves up a recipe of shuffling claps, rustling papers, radio static, chimes, bells and conch shells. ‘Burnt Out Car in a Forest’ is the stuff of summer, of bonfires on the beach and embers drifting off over the water.

Disc 2 is for the revellers. It’s on par with the usual sets you’d hear out of TEED. Some of the tracks are still, however, on theme with the previous eclectic arrangement. Underground Resistance’s ‘Base Camp Alpha 808’ is almost entirely the beat of an 808 drum; the track doesn’t evolve. But hey, who around the world can’t dance to drums? There are some real heavy-hitters on this disc, though. I challenge you to decide between Breach & Dark Sky’s ‘Click’ and Jamie Jones’s ‘Tonight In Tokyo’ (Breach remix). The first is such a rolling and seductive track and you would be hard pressed not to feel cool as hell to this. The second, just adding to Breach’s good name, is a faster, heart-racing song that’s damn near impossible to keep still to. An absolute belter. Another track that deserves mention would be the exclusive ‘Lion, The Lion’, a collaboration between TEED and Eats Everything. It’s cut up and dynamic with the standard funky beat you’d expect from TEED, paired with the gurn-inducing charm of rolling machinery and 8-bit toy guns firing past around the room.

Jamie JonesAcid PauliDinky, and ol’ Damian Lazarus have all had their turn on the Get Lost ride. With TEED now under the spotlight, the compilation doesn’t disappoint, although it might cause you to cock your head to the side every now and then. Some of it is a bit weird to virgin ears, but largely it’s a fun and diverse selection. You know TEED. Now get to know Orlanda Higginbottom better and give Get Lost VI a try.


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