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Techno-Holic: 5 Steps With Oliver Deutschmann



This year Anglo-Japanese event Holic decided to go all out at East London’s 1001 and welcomes Panorama Bar’s own Oliver Deutschmann to the fold, to ensure that the new year is inaugurated — with the proverbial shutters opened — providing fresh techno to blow away the cobwebs and fill the dancefloor with optimism for the year to come.

For those of you less than familiar with the Berlin based DJ and producer Oliver Deutschmann has made his mark in recent years by running and releasing on the imprints Falkplatz and Vidab, delivering   memorable extended sets at Panorama Bar / Berghain, and  dropping numerous releases and remixes for the likes of Soma, AIM, and JackOff to name but a few. His uncompromising selections range from deep dubby house to big room techno, keeping the pulse on new sounds while always paying respect to the past, which can also be heard in productions on his collaborations with Ed Davenport, or monikers Gowentgone and SubBroomAssosciation. With this in mind we thought we’d nab the considerable talents of Oliver for our exclusive podcast to give all of our followers a hearty dose of full blooded techno over the Christmas period and invite him to share 5 key moments in his career within electronic music.

My Gateway To Underground Music

I have been listening to music since I was a little kid but the album that showed me that there is more than just the music that comes on radio or on TV was ‘Master of Puppets’ by Metallica. I bought the double vinyl when I was 12 years old in a little record shop in a city called ‘Weil am Rhein’ in south Germany; I spent my summer holidays in my Aunts house there and I must have listened to that album around a thousand times! Even today I can sing all the lyrics on that album. This was something like the start of my love for underground and independent music like Punk, Hardcore, Death Metal and later Techno and Acid. 

My First Encounter With Techno  

Some good friends of mine took me to this club called ‘Omen’ in Frankfurt in around 1993. Sven Väth had his weekly residency there. It was a Friday in late summer and we’d drove down in this old black Mercedes Benz with a huge sound system in it. My friend played a tape with a recorded Sven Väth set from his infamous ‘hR3’ shows (A mid german radio station). It was in this same Mercedes that I dropped my first pill and since then I have been utterly addicted to Techno and House.

How I became a DJ

Friends of mine did a techno party in Berlin on a boat. I was so impressed by the DJs that day that I knew then what I wanted to do  for the rest of my life. Not only buying and listening music – but to dance to it. I wanted to cause people to dance. The next day I rented an old, shitty but pitchable turntable from my tattoo artist and bought some used Technics. The first mixes I did were on tape then I would listened to them on an old Sony walkman while walking through the streets of Berlin. Every solid mix I created made me as happy as a little child on Christmas Day!

My First Gig

I was invited by a friend of my flatmate to play his birthday party in a small Club here in Berlin called ‘Ausland’ and I didn’t  even have record bag! So I brought all the records (nearly all of them I bought in a record shop in Berlin Mitte called ‘DNS’. The guys who sold the vinyls there were long time Tresor residents and helped me a lot in that time to find the right stuff) in a plastic crate. 

I was very nervous and sure I would fail all the mixes completely.  However all the lonely hours at home in front of my turntables paid off and the crowd really loved it. I’ll never forget that feeling!!! 

My First Release

My good friend Stephan Hill and I founded Vidab Records in 2007.  I also need to offer a 1000 thanks to the guys at Kompakt distribution for believing in us.

The second release was a three tracker from our gowentgone project. The ‘Vollkontakt’ Ep. Holding this piece of black gold in my hand was one of the most beautiful moments in my musical life. All that I had ever wanted was to press one release and then I could die happy. Three months later I was dancing in Panorama Bar and Michael Mayer was playing the A-side. It took me 2 or 3 minutes to recognize that this was my track. Life couldn’t get better.

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